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This Stuff Really Works

I had a very flattering experience yesterday at my Super Bowl party and thought it would be worth sharing with everyone. I showed up at a friends house for the party and one of my other good friends Matt was also there who happens to be a local Loan Officer and client of ours. A little while later another one of our mutual friends showed up who recently purchased a home and did his loan with my friend Matt. Right when he walked in the door he says, “Hey Matt, I just got your letter… what do I need to do to file for my Homestead Exemption?” You see, Matt had enrolled our buddy in the 5 Year Follow Up Campaign so as part of that we had sent out a reminder to file for your Homestead Exemption on his behalf. He couldn’t believe that Matt hadn’t actually sent that letter and personally signed it when we told him that it actually came from me. So that was very rewarding for me; the correspondences that we send out for our clients really do look and feel like the Loan Officer sat down and took the 5 minutes to personally write their borrower a letter.

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David Orsini is Chief Operating Officer of Top of Mind Networks and oversees the fulfillment and product development divisions of the company. David specializes in building systems that help mortgage professionals maximize their relationships with their client base without having to lift a finger.

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