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Perspective, Purpose and Eggs Benedict

I’d like to shout out a huge THANK YOU to Chad Wade and Stewart Sadler of Cornerstone Mortgage Group!

This morning, I was Chad and Stewart’s guest at an annual event called the Residential Prayer Breakfast.  There were about 500 people sharply dressed people in attendance, mainly real estate and mortgage professionals.

I’d like to share a few takeaways with you:

1)  Honesty never gets old.  One of the speakers was a prominent Atlanta realtor who walked us through a very dark time in her life.  She spoke to us as if we were all lifelong friends – explaining how she’d once turned to alcohol to cope with life’s stressors.  She told us how her home had gone into foreclosure and that she’d even contemplated taking her own life.  To share such a deep, personal story for each of our benefit was very inspiring and courageous.

Jeff Foxworthy2)  Jeff Foxworthy is flat out funny.  He is one of a handful of comedians who can get a room roaring with laughter without dropping a single curse word.

3)  There’s no substitute for passion.  The realtor who spoke so honestly has it.  Foxworthy has it.  And you can’t teach it either.  I think it comes from associating one’s self with the right people in a positive environment.

4)  If you think you have it bad, try visiting a third-world country sometime (Foxworthy’s point).  Recession/Depression?  That ain’t nothing.  There are a billion people in the world who will never even have the ability to take a shower once in their lives – something most all Americans take for granted.

5)  I need to get a nice suit.  Been saying this for a year, but this weekend I’m really going to do it.  Hopefully I won’t get any fatter – but if I do, I’ll just buy a bigger suit!

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