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A Sine of Winning

sine-waveWinning the week means, arriving at the end of your work week and being able to look back and know that your intentions and the conscious choices you made every day, helped to spark growth and opportunity. But, how many weeks have passed where you have taken little, to no notice at all, of how you shaped the day’s events, the small goals and victories you achieved, the solutions you devised, the steps you took to create opportunities and bring about change?

It always intrigues me when I ask a new client during their first couple of coaching sessions, “So, what were your biggest wins this past week?” and the response, nine times out of ten, is, “I don’t know.” Or “I can’t think of any.” Where did forty or fifty or more hours of experiences go? What invisible memory vortex is sucking away all of our victories, accomplishments and triumphs? And puhleez, don’t tell me you didn’t have any! Think I’m being unreasonable? Are you saying to yourself right now, ‘She doesn’t know the kind of week I just had?’

Think about your days unfolding like a sinuous sine wave. As our day is ticking by, as we take action, make choices, impact others, even as we sit and think, we are experiencing highs and lows. We are always either peaking or descending. Just as it’s impossible not to have lows, problems or challenges in our lives, it’s impossible not to have highs, wins and victories. These events may seem like they occur sporadically or that you have control over how frequently they spotlight your life, but the truth is that we are always riding that sine wave, every moment of every day. However, our habit is only to take notice when those highs and lows hit a particular threshold. So here’s the GREAT news…it really is possible to win every week!

Train Your Brainbrain

Neuroscience has uncovered that the simple act of thinking is an act of creation. And, if you’re not up on your neuroscience reading, then perhaps you are familiar with those principles found in such books as, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, As a Man Thinketh, The Power of Positive Thinking and the list goes on and on. Either way, the point is, in order to enjoy winning every week, we must first become conscious of our daily actions and thoughts, and focus our attention on the victories, no matter how small they might seem. By taking notice of these gems and shining them up with our thoughts, rather than scoffing at them or ignoring them entirely, we can enjoy more victories and gain more production and growth from our weeks.

To help get you started, I’d like to share the following survey that I send out to my own coaching clients. This survey will help you to become more conscious of how you shape your work week and to bring your victories into the forefront of your mind. You may either use this tool to simply give yourself a weekly dose of self-reflection or you can take it one step further and ask to receive an analysis report after completing this survey for four consecutive weeks. The analysis report will show you where you are improving and where you may still need some shining-up in the following five categories:

  • Proactive vs. reactive
  • Working with your vision in mind
  • Self-discipline
  • Accountability
  • Recognizing victories

In order to receive an analysis report, please enter your name and email address on the first page of the survey where prompted. I will be happy to send you the results via email-no strings attached. Otherwise, you may leave those items blank and continue with the survey.

As alien and uncomfortable as it may seem to some to slow down and regularly reflect on their level of consciousness, the direction of their focus and the choices that they made, these are habits that do yield positive results. Take the fact that you are reading this blog today as a sign and choose to go with the possitive flow.

Click on the trophy to begin your Winning the Week Self-Check Survey


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