?> Putting Transparency and Honesty to the Test
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Putting Transparency and Honesty to the Test

Folks, in a short while, my friend and business partner Sherwood Lawrence will post an articulate and honest synopsis comparing the broker vs. banker lobby.  We’re pretty sure that his post will generate some heated debate.  We’re expecting that Sherwood’s tone might ruffle a few feathers.  Funny thing, we have virtually nothing to gain from Sherwood’s article – but perhaps a lot to lose.

This new web 2.0 movement revolves around transparency… there’s no place to hide anymore.  We, the public, often beg for transparency and honesty from our elected officials.  Yet we often can’t handle the truth.

We’re going to take a risk today, but I hope the end result is that we help somebody.  Namely you – our friends, our clients… mortgage professionals… and perhaps most of all, consumers.  Get ready for the truth mortgage brokers of the world, it’ll be up on our site shortly.

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