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Meat-n-Potatoes of Social Networking

dreamstime_2078217Just finished attending Brian Brady’s webinar on utilizing Facebook to increase your database and increase your sales pipeline. This was an hour-long webinar. For those of you who do not possess the attention span, suffer from ADD or ADHD or knew about this particular webinar and simply could not attend, here’s the “meat and potatoes” that I took away for my own dinner plate…

He with the most friends wins 

And making friends and generating sales can be done by the best couch potatoes out there!  That’s not a slam, that’s just a fact. Platforms like our beloved WannaNetwork, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., have constructed a whole new pillar for growing our businesses.

Tips from Brady and Take-aways from Yours Truly

Brady Tip #1-Frequently use the ”Status Bar” on Facebook to ”instigate conversations.” His example, “Brian has stopped locking rates in until Monday-He thinks rates are heading lower.” 

My Take-away: Give a juicy tid-bit that will spark curiosity, a need to know more, or passionate response.

Brady Tip #2-Accept all “Friend Requests.” Brian suggests that you can always monitor for abuse and simply delete those who SPAM or put the “hard sell” on your friends.

My Take-away: Don’t worry about accepting just the “right” type of “friend” into your Facebook account. Everyone is a potential consumer with other “friends” who are potential consumers and so on. Trust, FIRST.

Brady Tip #3-Facebook has a tool to allow you to do a quick cross-check between who is currently in your Outlook contacts that also have Facebook accounts. That way, you can use Facebook as another contact point with your customers.

My Take-away: Besides the well-known 3-prong approach to customer touch points (email blasts, hard mail marketing and direct phone calls), you now have a 4th and even easier and much more cost effective touch-point, via Facebook updates and conversations. Plus, you have access to more information about your customers via Facebook, which allows for more interesting conversations and trust-building.

Brady Tip #3-Use new relationships on Facebook as a daily call list for direct interaction. Brian stated that he will reach out to people who have made a new request to befriend him on Facebook, by simply calling them (utilzing Facebook’s Phonebook tool) and asking, “What was it that made you choose to connect with me?” His goal: Try to meet 5 new people every day!

My Take-away: Leveraging Facebook friend requests is equal to a warm introduction. Takes the “cold” out of cold calling. His is a soft approach, not a hard sales call, but the potential for a sale is there and from what Brady reports, does happen!

Brady Tip #4-Scour through your friends’ friends and ask to be introduced. Again, Brady takes a soft approach and suggests that you should keep it brief, reference the friend in common and simply state there may be some value in being connected. (site short USP)

My Take-away: Why not? Your friends like you! Your friends’ friends will either simply ignore the request or accept and gosh, you don’t even have to deal with a “No” to your face.

Brady Tip #5-Ask your new friends if they would be interested in having you “Adopt their mortgage” by keeping an eye on their rate for them to alert them of potential savings. He adds here to mention that many mortgages are no longer under managment because so many Mortgage Professionals have left the business. Brian chooses to utilize Top of Mind Networks to accomplish this “mortgages under management” concept.

My Take-away: Awesome approach to beginning what I call, “The Trust Transfer.” The seed of doubt has been implanted, a solution has been offered, the effort on the part of the potential customer is nil and the value is obvious.

Now, if you’re one of the skeptics out there thinking, ‘Social networking sounds like a waste of time.’ You probably also were one of the skeptics who thought at one point and time, ‘Building a website is a waste of time.’ 

My advice-Don’t ignore the future!

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  1. Ned Carey says:

    Thanks for the reply on Lenderama. Your post above helps since I missed the webinar.

    >You probably also were one of the skeptics who thought at one point and time, ‘Building a website is a waste of time.’

    Hey I was one of the ones that said who needs a computer! (But that was a LONG time ago)

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