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Be Nice To Sales People

I just got off the phone with someone who got my name from a list and was trying to sell me office supplies. This is a local office supply company here in Atlanta. She did what any good sales person should do and asked questions about what my company does in order to determine what kinds of office supplies we would need. I took a few minutes and explained what we do over here to her and told her we certainly do a lot of printing and if they can beat our current vendor’s price on ink I would love to give them the business. After she was through with her pitch she said she would send me some information on the ink they carry and asked for my email address so she could follow up in about a week or so. And at the end of the phone call she said, “You know, my aunt is a mortgage broker here in Atlanta and she is always looking for new and better ways to keep her name in front of her clients. Do you mind if I forward your information over to her as well?” Of course I told her to please forward my information to her and also told her where our online demo was so her aunt could get some more information on what exactly it is that we do.

The moral of this story is you never know who people know or who they are related to. The next time a sales person calls your office try to give them the same respect you would like to be given as you call on people. I don’t know whether or not this call will turn into a sale for us, I hope it does. But I sacrificed maybe 3 or 4 minutes to be polite to her and hear her out and it could possibly yield another sale for my company. So you never know, the next sales person who calls you could know someone who is in the market for a mortgage or may even need one themselves; so it certainly won’t hurt anything to be respectful.

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