?> Webinar Replay: Brian Brady on Facebook and Social Networking
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Webinar Replay: Brian Brady on Facebook and Social Networking

Wow.  I’ll echo what you’ve all been telling me since Friday.

Brian Brady is “the man”.  Talk about a guy willing to give while asking for nothing in return?  For the 190 of you who attended the live webinar, thank you for your participation and glowing feedback.  For those who were unable to attend the live session, here is the replay:

My editorial comments:

1)  The first 10 minutes set the foundation for the other 40.  I think it’s important to hear what Brian has to say regarding the foundation of Social Media.  If you’re just looking for the meat w/o the potatoes, scroll forward a bit.

2)  Brian has a goal to meet 5 new people a day.  That’s 25+ new people per week and over 100 per month.  There is absolutely nothing 2.0 about that, it’s good old fashioned salesmanship.

3)  Brian does not depend on the internet to do all his work for him. Facebook is the means to an end.  It provides him the opportunity to make a warm call vs. a cold one.  Once the connection is made, Brian drips on his database via Top of Mind Networks’ Surefire System.  But the telephone is his primary weapon – as it should be.

4)  I am attending Unchained Phoenix and am paying full price for my education.  In other words, there’s no good buddy discount at work here and I’m going because I want to take my business to the next level.  There are only 75 total seats available – that’s it (minus mine, so make that 74).  If you thought this 45 minute webinar was compelling, try immersing yourself in this stuff for 2 straight days.  Think you’ll be able to blow away a realtor with this knowledge?  You bet your sweet bippy you will.

5)  We’ll be putting on another webinar very soon so keep an eye on this blog and Bloodhound Blog for details.  If you like what you’re learning, please tell a friend.  If you have any questions you’d like me to ask Brian during our next webinar, drop a comment onto this blog post and you’ll be in the mix.

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