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Are You an Anal Retentive Mortgage Professional?

I was in South Florida last weekend visiting the in-laws, which is always… well… “interesting”.  Anyhow, my mother-in-law is cleaning up in the kitchen after our morning coffee… and she takes the used coffee filter, puts it into a bag, wraps the bag in aluminum foil, and ultimately discards the lovely garbage into the trash can.  I love my mom-in-law because she is a trip!

Her whole routine reminded me of the classic Phil Hartman skit from Saturday Night Live - “The Anal Retentive Chef” (video below, quick commercial precedes, then hit the x at upper right to view video, geez NBC confusing enough?).

In this hillarious skit, Phil Hartman spends all four-plus minutes agonizing over trivial details… and we’re left to wonder…

Does he ever get around to making his Pepper Steak?

It’s this same “analysis paralysis” I find mortgage professionals making when it comes to committing to an idea.  Heck, full disclosure, it happens to me sometimes too! 

One day a few weeks back, I had a very candid conversation with Tim Davis.  I asked him why he had so many websites out there, many of which he’d create and ultimately desert.  Not surprisingly, Tim had an astute answer to my query.  He simply told me that he’s a man of action, and he’d never know what could have happened if he didn’t try.  When Tim thinks of an idea, he puts the idea into play immediately.  We ALL consider ourselves idea geniuses, but how many of us truly execute consistently?  In fact, most of us become Anal Retentive Mortgage Professionals… we let that wrinkled bell pepper keep us from putting our recipe to the test.

In Tim’s case – sure, he has a few lonely websites he’s built over the years.  But every time he executes, he builds upon an already extensive knowledge base.  He becomes a more valuable resource to his clients, friends and sphere of influence.

We created this blog because we want to inspire our clients, prospects, referral sources, and even our employees to share their successes.  And failures.  And ideas.

I hope the next time you have a cool idea, you think of Phil Hartman.  Just go ahead and toss in that ugly bell pepper.  Who knows?  It could be the tastiest dish you ever make.

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