?> Outline For Webinar: LinkedIn.com and Meetup.com
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Outline For Webinar: LinkedIn.com and Meetup.com

Good Morning Minders!  Today’s webinar will be an extension of what we covered in the Facebook webinar; how to use social media platforms to meet lots of potential customers.  Please ask your questions, during today’s webinar, as a comment below.

Here’s what we’ll try to cover today:

REVIEW:  Five Pillars of Social Media


Setting up a profile-

  • copy that sells your USP
  • plug-ins for blog feeds
  • website/blog links
  • recommendations


  • how to connect
  • how to request an introduction
  • integrating your email database with LinkedIn.com


  • setting up a group
  • joining groups you “belong to”
  • broadening your interest through groups
  • discussions

LinkedIn Q & A- engaging the community


  • set up a profile
  • finding groups of interest
  • creating an interest group
  • how to optimize your business trips
  • calendaring function

Thanks for attending.  Be sure to ask questions, during the webinar, in the comments section below.

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