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The whole social networking and web 2.0 thing is certainly gaining momentum and more and more people are taking part. A big part of this movement is also the use videos. If you are like us here at Top of Mind Networks, you may occasionally want to record an online meeting or webinar and post the video online. For this, we utilize GoToMeeting. And to “pretty up” all of our videos we use Camtasia. The problem is that GoToMeeting does something funky when they encode the recorded meetings and webinars and you cannot even open the file in Camtasia. You will see the following error message: “Error: No codec available to render this file.”. From what I have read online this is not unique to Camtasia, the problem lies with the original video encoded by GoToMeeting.

To get around this you will need to download Windows Media Encoder. Once installed, open Windows Media Encoder and select Convert a File. Select the GoToMeeting video as the Source File and then give your Output File a name. Then click Next, Next, Finish and the process will begin. Keep in mind that this process will take a while (I just did a 90 meg file and it took about an hour and a half) and it will eat up most of your CPU. So your computer will essentially be useless for a while. I find it helpful to perform this task on a secondary computer so I can still work on my primary machine. Once this is done you will be able to open the new file in Camtasia without any problems to do all of your post production editing.

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David Orsini is Chief Operating Officer of Top of Mind Networks and oversees the fulfillment and product development divisions of the company. David specializes in building systems that help mortgage professionals maximize their relationships with their client base without having to lift a finger.


2 Responses to “GoToMeeting Recorded Videos”
  1. Mark Green says:

    David, I never realized how important this article would be until I came into the office on Easter Sunday to encode the video replay of our Mortgage Blogging 101 Webinar. And I never would have figured this out for myself. Thanks dude.

  2. LeeAnn McVey says:

    I have spent countless hours and spoken with techs from both Camtasia and GotoWebinar regarding this issue of not being able to import the Windows Media Files that I save from my webinars to edit in Camtasia.

    I have read so many posts on others having this issue and tried them all unsuccessfully that my eyes are bloodshot.

    I finally, weeks later, came across the product that finally put an end to my unbelievable frustration and hope this will help others. Not only does it work but it\’s less expensive then Camtasia should you also want to do your editing.

    Yes, this is my affiliate link, but I am only providing it so if you are sick and tired of having the same problems I was running into, this will solve all your problems. If I can help just one person from wanting to pull their hair out, then I\’ll feel great!!


    They do offer a trial run but know that they put their little twist on it so that you will purchase their product. Trust me though, an unlimited version of this at $59.00 is well worth it!!!

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