?> Webinar Replay – Brian Brady Training on LinkedIn and MeetUp
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Webinar Replay – Brian Brady Training on LinkedIn and MeetUp

First off, I’d like to thank Brian Brady again for sharing his social networking skills with us.  For those of you who missed my Facebook Webinar with Brian, it’s pretty awesome stuff.

Below, I’ve posted a replay of our Webinar focusing on LinkedIn with a few nuggets on another budding social network called MeetUp.  The Webinar begins somewhat abruptly because GoToWebinar seemed to have a slight delay when I hit the “record” button.  No big whoop, you’ll still get the goods from Brian.

Here’s the epiphany folks – Brian uses social networking as the means to an end.  The power is not in your connections – it’s in your connections’ connections.  Using Brian’s techniques, there’s no more cold calling – only warm introductions via people who already know and like you.

If you like what you’re learning here, stay tuned.  Our next two Webinars will feature Mark Madsen and Dan Green as they teach us “Blogging 101”.  Mark your calendar for Friday(s) 4/3 and 4/10 at 1pm EST (10am PST) – details will posted on the Top of Mind Blog soon.

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