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Never Forget Your Great Ideas Again

Now that I’m a “blogger”, I’m often thinking about ideas for articles.  Problem is, most of my ideas come to me when I’m not in a position to write them down.  Well today, here’s what I did on the way to work this morning.

1)  When I got to a red light, I broke out the Crackberry and opened up the Voice Recorder.  It’s under “Options” and has an icon that looks like a microphone.

2)  The interface is extremely simple.  I recorded my idea in about 10 seconds.

3)  I was thrilled to notice that you can email your voice recordings right out of that interface :).  So I emailed the idea to my inbox.

4)  By the time I got to the office, my idea was waiting for me!  Note:  the file type is an .amr file.  This file type can be opened in Quicktime or Real Player without a plug in.  If you use Windows Media Player, you’ll find free plug-ins with a Google search.

Now, my next step of course is putting my idea into play.  After all, an idea without execution is called a waste of time.

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