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A Quick Lesson In Google-Ability

About 15 minutes ago I posted an article at Bloodhound Blog.  It was an introspective look back at my former boss at MyPoints.com, Chaz Berman.

Just for fun, I just did a Google Search for Chaz Berman.  And here’s the result (sorry for the poor reproduction quality).  My blog entry ranks #7 on Chaz Berman 15 minutes after the article was posted.

Chaz Berman Google Search


1)  Blogging will have an immediate impact on your “Google-ability”.

2)  The more powerful site you’re blogging on, the higher the impact.  Bloodhound Blog is a “PR 5” site.  This is geek-speak for the Google Page Ranking (PR) Bloodhound Blog has built over the years.  The benefits of blogging are cumulative, so just stick with it if you don’t get the immediate impact you’re looking for.

3)  Google-ability can be your best friend in this Web 2.0 world.  It can also sting (if people happen to say negative things about you online).  Transparency and honesty will be valued higher than ever from here forward.  The good guys will actually win for a change!

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