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How to Read 50 Articles in an Hour

Our clients and referral partners expect us to stay current on the trends and news that may have an impact on their decision to do business with us.

Whether we like it or not, they are reading stuff in the papers, watching the news, or filling their heads with a constant stream of misinformation from the web.

It isn’t just smart for us to appear smart…. it is a vital part of survival in this highly competitive market.

So, how do you fit reading, researching, sharing, marketing, and networking into an already busy loan originating schedule?

Google Reader is as close to a magic bullet solution as you can get.

I probably spend an hour or so a day knocking out at least 50 articles about my mortgage niche, Internet marketing, real estate Web2.0, and anything else that might give me a competitive advantage in my market place.

I know when, where, and what my real estate partners are doing online. If there is topic that one of my clients is interested in, I can start providing valuable news to them within hours.

Google Reader can be used as a marketing or research tool, as well as your one centralized place to receive everything you need online.


Basic benefits of Google Reader:

- Google Reader organizes all of your RSS Feeds
- When you subscribe to a new blog article feed, you also capture all past posts
- You can read within the reader vs having to go to the actual sites
- GR has a social component through the “Share With Note” function and profile
- View by title, summary, or search for key words and phrases
- Export or Import other GR feed lists
- GR suggests related online sources


What is Google Reader and RSS?

Google Reader is an essential tool that centralizes all of your blog articles, news feeds, and updated online resources so that you can read, search, and share information more efficiently.

RSS ( Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that delivers updates from blogs or online places you subscribe to so that you don’t have to go out and actively search for new information.


Don’t forget to subscribe to the Top of Mind blog once you get set up with Google Reader.


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About Mark

Mark Madsen is a Las Vegas Real Estate professional with over 10 years banking experience who specializes in FHA First-Time Homebuyer Programs. Mark has been publishing articles about Homeownership Education since 2006, and is recognized nationally as a mortgage speaker and industry advocate.


No Responses to “How to Read 50 Articles in an Hour”
  1. Mark Green says:

    Mark, thanks so much for this! You turned me onto Google Reader 6 months ago and since then I get ALL my news in one place. Sports, Politics and my Mortgage/Real Estate news and events.

    The power is in teaching other people these killer techniques – gaining trust and credibility in the process.

    You are the man!

  2. Definitely time to give up our old, time-sucking “surfing” habits.

    You want good Mortgage & Real Estate news, you want to know when and what your referral biz partners are blogging about and you want to know about tips, tools, resources, marketing ideas, etc., that can help you to keep your business “fresh” and pumping and you want it ALL coming to you without having to think about it!

    Surfing and jumping from one place to another is just one more low pay-off activity that keeps folks from getting to the most important, money-making activities in their day.

    Go Google Reader and get back to work! 🙂

    Mark: You ROCK! You make it easy to “get” this stuff!!

  3. Totally agree – google reader is the way to go. Love the 2 sentence short view, that way if you want to dive deeper you can or just move on.

  4. Mark Green says:

    Hi Jeremiah,

    There aren’t too many of us Google Reader fanatics – yet. But I think that’s about to change. Mark Madsen is conducting Social Media month at the LoanToolBox in June. I’m going to help Mark by expanding on the core Google Reader functionality. There’s a bunch of killer stuff you can do with the technology, most of which I never could imagine until I just started diggin’. Later!

  5. Chris Brown says:

    I have had google reader for some time, but quit using it. Let this be a TIP dont subscribe to too many or it ALSO becomes noise. I recommend 2 blogs for every 5 minutes you are willing to spend daily.

    If you are going to allocate 15 minutes = 6 blogs. You can grow from there, but the idea is not to burn out. How do you think i know that?

    Chris the implementer

  6. Chris Brown says:

    Oh, and for the record, i am cleaning it up and jumping back in – meant to put that in the past post.


    C the I

  7. David Orsini says:

    When you have Google Reader open, press: up up down down left right left right b a

    Contra fans should recognize that one. Cool little Google Ninja Easter Egg


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