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How I'm Winning New Realtor Referrals

I love “refi booms” because I find this to be the best time to win Realtor Referrals away from other Loan Officers!

I’ve been setting aside 2 hours every week to prospect for new Realtors and another 2 hours to meet with them!   My goal is to establish 2 new relationships each week.  Now this is where it gets fun!!!

You already know what other Loan Officers have offered them to earn their business- mainly “product dumping” and the famous weekly call – “your loan is doing fine and oh yeah – You’re the Greatest”!  While they’re schmoozing, I’m adding value.

I make sure that I have so much in my arsenal that it is impossible for a Realtor to say “No”.  The Big Guru’s call these USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions).  I just call them having more bullets for my gun!

Ben’s Rules for Annihilating the Competition:

a)  Remember- it takes a little money to make money and capture market share- so don’t kid yourself!
b)  Do what everybody else out there isn’t doing  – Work!!!

Ben’s Marketing Weapon of Mass Production #1:

The first marketing weapon I’d like to share on the Top of Mind Blog is called ePropertysites.  When I call on a new Realtor, I like to take them by surprise and ask them if I can help market their listings!  ePropertysites has a program that allows me to:

a)  Create websites for their listed homes
b)  Post them to Craig’s List twice a week (plus  ePropertysites posts them to ten other sites such as Zillow and Google Base on a daily basis)!
c)  Then I create the Realtors their own accounts – so that the leads go straight to them!  I make them look like heroes to their sellers!

I’ll be writing some more articles soon with other marketing ideas I’ve been using to dominate my market. Until then, have a great week!

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