?> Viral Mortgage Marketing, Stupid Human Tricks and Guinea Pigs
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Viral Mortgage Marketing, Stupid Human Tricks and Guinea Pigs

As my old Latin teacher Dr. Margro used to say, “what the H.E. double toothpicks do those have in common?”

And my customary refrain to any question he ever asked of me ”I don’t know” was the non-answer. After all, I was just a punk freshman in a class full of seniors way smarter and much more ambitious than me. Though pretty intelligent otherwise, my instructor forget to tell me why learning a forgotten language would ever be of benefit to me and thus, my ignorance fueled my stubbornness. Since then, I’ve always advocated education but with an equal dose of “and this is why it’s important.”

But getting back to our title, the answer here is not “I don’t know.” Rather, it’s pretty much nothing. It is however the path that seems to be followed whenever I poke around on YouTube to try to figure out how I should be using this popular venue to further build my mortgage practice with videos and viral marketing. Seems every time I start out down the right path, something pops up that’s so unbelievably compelling, that you just have to watch. Having clicked on one of these selections, you are now branded by Big Brother as an aficionado of watching other people embarrass themselves and thus,  the most popular sequels will be cued up and ready the next time you sign on.

OK, I know, where do the Guinea Pigs come into play here? Well, that’s what happens when my daughter sees anything other than emails, charts and spreadsheets on my monitors and comes over to join in the fun. Of course, since she’s just seven and despite our “deal” only the part time caretaker of Vanessa the quinea pig, she loves to watch GP videos on YouTube. Yes, believe it or not this is not just a little niche but a popular subject and based on what I’ve seen, a pretty competitive one at that as owners and their pigs,  er, I mean pets, try to outdo one another with the limited range of tricks the little fuzzy’s can muster.

So what’s the point here? It’s that YouTube, while a great source of endless variety, is exactly that. It’s just way too easy to get lost by venturing from one video and category to another. Great for the viewer, yet if you’re trying to drive your prospects to you and your message, it’s too easy for it to get lost in the soup.

So what then? Confronted with this, I set out to build something different. A video player/destination without links to the nether lands of “entertainment” when education is the goal. Like Latin, only with a purpose and a future! You know, more like if I had only been really smart and taken Spanish in high school instead…

Click the Image to View a Sample

Click the Image to View a Sample

The end result here is to provide a source of video based learning where my clients, referral partners and prospects can learn more about the things I want to teach them, then share it easily with others. Most importantly, to do so without any pet tricks in sight.

The individual video “player” has a button to launch the viewer’s email client with my address already populated or to forward it off to a spouse or friend that might benefit too. As well, the “see more videos” button will take you to the main player with a menu (currently short as this is brand new) of other segments. For more info – click here

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