?> WWTTD – "What Would The Thinker Do" to Meet Today's Mortgage Challenges
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WWTTD – "What Would The Thinker Do" to Meet Today's Mortgage Challenges

To quote a good friend, Mark Madsen, “I am not a guru – I just read a lot.” I love that line.

the_thinkerIt is true – the mortgage industry has benefited from some great pioneers.  These ‘”gurus” have brought much to the table as far as wisdom, experience, and know-how.  I have studied under many of them and feel I am a better Orlando Mortgage Broker because of it.  Their philosophies and mind-sets are the bed rock to a solid service business and these ethics are timeless in nature.

But guess what – some things aren’t timeless in nature and competing in today’s marketplace requires a departure from the differentiating methods of yesteryear.

The answer to this elusive desire is simple:

Educate – and do it online.

According to NARs own numbers, 80-percent of folks begin their hunt online; if you do not have an internet presence – and in a big way – how will the world know about the wisdom you have to offer?  I venture to say that if you are a valuable part of our battered industry and are not giving of yourself online to properly inform buyers and sellers, you are doing our industry a grave injustice.

When information YELLS, and wisdom whispers, how can folks make well-informed decisions?  It makes it harder, does it not?  I hear many mortgage brokers complain that people looking for mortgages online are only interested in rate.  While low mortgage rates are important, as you know already, they are only a small part of a complex machine that produces the lowest cost of borrowing money over time.  Well when all the noise tells people rate is the only thing that matters, how are they going to know any different if you don’t explain it to them?

The hard truth is that people hunting online are not only interested in rate… not anymore.  They want trusted advice and value.  Those leading with a giving hand like Fred Chamberlin, Brian Brady, Scott Swinford, and many others have figured that out.  When you blog online with relevant, timely and well-articulated sound content; you are giving to those sitting behind their monitor looking for real help.  We are in an advice-business and people want to know, above all else, that they are dealing with someone possessing honor and integrity and with more in mind than a commission check.

Share with those who need what you have with no expectation for gain – you will never go hungry.

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About Chris

Chris has been in the mortgage business for over 8 years. He found his way into the mortgage business through Jack Gritter; the originator of his family's first loan. He states "I was so impressed with the character and integrity of the gentleman that originated our loan on our first home purchase that I realized he was a man I could follow. The rest is history." Chris attended University of Central Florida and has a B.S. in Business Administration. He is a past VP of Membership for Lake Mary Toastmasters, Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist™, Justlisted.com Certified Professional Lender, Voted a Top 25 Most Connected Mortgage Professional in the Country and Voted as a Top 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professional Under 40 His additional community involvement includes: · HOA Board for The Crossings Masters Association, · HOA Board for The Reserve Association, · Graduate of Seminole County’s Community Law Enforcement Academy, · RDV Sportsplex Charter Member, · Central Florida Real Estate Investors group member, · Graduate of The Task Academy of Real Estate, Inc. Chris is owner of www.OrlandoMortgagePro.com and the www.MortgageChiliBlog.com - historically a Top 100 Real Estate Blog. Chris’s passion for his clients is revealed through his mortgage planning approach of integrating the mortgage into someone’s overall financial objectives. Chris also enjoys spending “gobs of time” with his wife of 11 years, Mary, his daughter, Brianna, and their 3 German Shepherds, Harley, Natasha, and Shelby.


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  1. Chad Weber says:

    Great post Chris. You’re absolutely right about how the market has evolved. With so much negative press in the last few years chewing away at the image of the loan officer, people are certainly looking for signs of credibility and integrity instead of just rate. Excellent points.

    CW –

  2. Mark Green says:

    Wow, Chris I had NO IDEA you had THAT in ya! Very nice work dude.

    I’ve been giving some thought to how I feel about the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace, which no doubt is going to become a major player in the next couple of years. It’s the mortgage professionals who are willing to share their wisdom unconditionally who will benefit from this brave new world of web 2.0.

    I’m really proud of this article, awesome stuff. When you decide to bring it, you really bring it.

  3. Chris,

    I loved your quote “when information yells and wisdom whispers”. So true. Wondeful post.

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