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Stop Wasting Money On Your Closing Gifts

On the surface, big expensive closing gifts seem like a great idea.  After all, what an exciting time it is to be closing on a client’s dream home.  Certainly, you’ve knocked ’em out with impeccable service.  All that’s left is the cherry on top.

So you show up with a big basket of fine cheeses, wines, snacky-cakes… Well it’s a bad idea.  And here’s why:

1)  Have you ever considered that you might be “showing up” the referring and/or listing agent? 

What if they didn’t bring a gift to closing?  I showed up without a gift to a birthday party once and I ended up hiding most of the night out of complete embarrassment.  (By the way, this is Top of Mind Blog Author Bob Rutledge‘s well-made observation, not mine.  That’s why I asked him to blog here – this man sees all the angles.)

2)  You just spent $50+ on a closing gift that will be consumed and immediately forgotten about. 

Money Down ToiletLet’s be honest with each other here.  We don’t give closing gifts because we want to say “Thank You”, do we?  If you said “Yes” you’re foolin’ yourself!  We give closing gifts because we want our clients to remember who delivered the goods.  Our true M.O. is clear:  referrals and repeat business.

 Well what good did that $50+ just do ya? 


The Solution:

address-stamper-raleyObviously, we have a better idea… and it’s been working consistently for our clients over the past six years.  For only $10, Top of Mind Networks will manufacture and ship a closing gift we call “The Business Card That Never Gets Thrown Away”.

Why do I love this idea?  For one, you can’t beat the price.  But here’s the killer part of the idea:  the address stamper has a long shelf life (unlike the gift basket).  And every time your borrower picks it up off their desk, they’re looking at a photo of your pearly whites (or your logo).  This, friends, is called “Top of Mind Awareness“.

Great idea Mark, right?  Well this blog is all about one thing – implementation.  I’ll put my money where my mouth is.  Why not let us send you a free address stamper?  I want you hold it, carress it, become one with it.  If you like it and would like to start sending them to your clients, great, we’d love the business.  If not, it’s yours to keep, no big whoop.

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  1. Chris Brown says:

    I have used the address stamper idea now for about 6 months – not only does it have ‘shelf life’ but the branding remains front and center on a desk item that simply deosnt get tossed.

    Top of Mind is exaqctly what it delivers. I am glad there are people out there smarterer than me to figure this stuff out.

  2. My experience with the address stamper is nothing but positive. My client have raved over it. for the minimal expense of $10 you can have something that is going to be used monthly and stay in front of them. Have never been a fan of the closing gift, but this has totally changed this. Thanks for everything.

    Jimmy Sgambelluri

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