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I Just Got a Lead from YOUR Referral Partner

Ever lose a deal to a competitor? We all have. It is part of being in business. You win some, you lose some…BUT, you have to ask yourself WHY did I lose this deal?

For most loan officers it is because the RELATIONSHIP was never really a TRUE RELATIONSHIP at all, you just thought you had a relationship. Technology makes that even worse. We live in a world of set it and forget it. I will just put you on a drip campaign or send you a friend request on facebook. I may even send you a birthday card or just maybe a Christmas card if I feel like it or I think my budget can handle it, But pick up the phone and call…oh no that is not for me. Surely you will call me if you need a loan, won’t you?

I love automation. I love technology. I love it from the point that it can create leverage for today’s loan officer. Do some videos, set up a follow up system, get your contacts into surefire and whamo, you got it made…or do you?

At some point you need to develop a true relationship with your clients and referral partners. You need to call them. You need to meet with them. You need to make sure you help them with what they need and that requires personal communication via phone and in person! My wife always said that our volume went up when I hit the streets. She was right. Why? Because I actually left the cave and made friends. I talked to my agents face to face. I found out what THEY were concerned about and offered value based on what they felt value was to them.

Sometimes we need a little perspective and FOCUS

So my challenge to you is when was the last time you met face to face with your agents? I hope it wasn’t too long ago, because I may have just gotten a lead from YOUR referral partner.

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  1. Tim, you’re spot on with the need to take things “offline.” Brian Brady and I talked about this at the last Orlando-area Bloodhound Unchained event. Social networks and automated follow-up tools really need to be viewed as warm ups to live conversations. Though I, too am a huge fan of these tools – there’s never going to be a replacement for the true one-on-one conversation.

    PS – There’s a pretty good series of articles on Taking Your Online Efforts Offline over at AgentGenius.com. Be sure to check that out if you haven’t already.


  2. Tim Davis says:


    Thanks for the info! I will check out the link.

  3. Mark Green says:

    Chalk another one up to the belly-to-belly sales guys. Tim, you’re 100% dead on here. Web 2.0 is a mechanism to get the ball rolling and keep momentum while you’re multi-tasking elsewhere.

    The true power of Web 2.0 is leveraging it to facilitate dialogue. You always have a way with words Tim, I really liked this article.

  4. So very true Tim!

    The depth of the relationship is the key to a long lasting and productive business sharing model.

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