?> Hey, Lets go Hang Out with Some Homeless People!
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Hey, Lets go Hang Out with Some Homeless People!

I recently added a new coaching client.  I sent him my Top 10 Goals form even though I actually believe that goals suck. Anyway, one of his goals was to add x number of A Realtors, x number of B Realtors, and x number of C Realtors to his database for business.

What the hell is a C realtor? You cousins brothers neighbor who just got their license and works part time at the Krispy Kreme? What does a “C” agent actually do? How many deals could they actually send to you that would really close?

We all know that we are who we hang out with, right? So why would we not hang out with the “A” agents? Maybe, just maybe it is because you have a big fat but! I have said for a long time that if you want closable loans, then you need referrals from people who know people who actually qualify! I believe that fear and excuses are what hold us back from going after the best of the best. Have you ever said this…

  • The best agents probably already have a loan officer they work with!
  • The best agents are too hard to get a meeting with!
  • The best agents are too busy to speak with me!
  • What if they give me a deal and I blow it!

Again, I think that you have a really BIG BUT! If we have mentally put a person so high on a pedestal that it is easier to go after people who we consider lesser just to make ourselves feel better, then we have missed the whole point! And while I believe everyone is valuable beyond measure, not everyone lives up to their full potential.

At any rate, I laid the challenge back to my client and here is what it was…

If you want to have “B” and “C” agents that you are going to spend time pursuing, then why don’t we just make some fliers about the $8000 tax credit and pass them out to the homeless. I think we would have just as good of a chance to pick up deals there as we would from a “C” agent.

And if this post wasn’t enough, take a look at this video…

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  1. Mark Green says:

    Classic Tim Davis! Ironically, I was just speaking with the folks over at Good Friend Mortgage about this very thing, probably as you were typing this article.

    It’s all about the “Confidence Factor” you speak of Tim. With the proper skills, we should have no problem approaching the best of the best. I finally realized a couple years ago that I didn’t *want* everyone as a client. Just the people I best identify with, admire and respect.

    Fortunately, it’s really working out. Thanks for the article man.

  2. Brian Brady says:

    This is a great example of how to get the business you really want. A agents are better because:

    1- Their lifestyle doesn’t matter on “that one deal”
    2- They understand that some things are out of your control
    3- They have lots of buyers
    4- They get deals done byt gaining consensus from all parties
    5- They understand win-win

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