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Is This Your Business Plan?

Is your business plan to go capture, maintain and increase business, or in today’s market has your thought process started to resemble this?


images3See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

In digging really deep with several colleagues about what was driving their business the common theme with everyone was simple.  It is the same actionable items that every leader in every industry talks about.

 1.  Are your customers, partners and past client databases hearing from you or about you?

2.  Are your customers, partners and past client databases reading about you or learning about your business?

3.  Are your customers, partners and past client databases seeing you either in scheduled visits or the simple drop-in?

If the answer to any of these is “NO” then the question is this. 

Why would anyone do business “WITH” you if they do not know “ABOUT” you? 

As a trusted advisor in an industry your clients need your information when it is convenient and needed for them, not when needed or convenient for you.  How many times have you seen someone call partners when they need business, but not at other times?  After a few repeated events of this call for business and then no call for 6 months or so, might that partner feel somewhat used?

A systematic plan must be put into place where you are seen, heard, and spoken about.  Do you have a repeatable system that puts printed material in front of partners?  Do you have a repeatable system to call your needed partners?  Do you have a system that gets you in front of partners?


If the answer to any of these is NO, are you

 leaving your business to these three monkeys ?

Would you do business with someone like this?


In truth, we all get tied up in the day to day business of putting out the loudest or longest scream, we focus on the fires, in short we put effort working “IN” our business instead of “ON” our business.

I challenge you to take a moment to find the systems, plans and methods in which your clients can connect with you.  There is no time like the present to implement actionable items into your daily routine.

~To Your Success!

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Derek is the Branch Manager and Sr. Loan Officer for Academy Mortgage in Yuma, Arizona. Derek is NMLS Licensed (#180899) and has over 12 years experience of government lending, both on the mortgage broker and banker sides of the business. His passions are: helping first time home buyers as well as those who may need credit counseling. He resides in Yuma, AZ with wife Sheri and three wonderful sons.


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  1. Mark Green says:

    Derek, another great article. I just got back from a group presentation in Huntsville AL. There were 15 very seasoned LO’s in attendance – all of them from the banking side of the business.

    # of the 15 who have a business plan: zero
    # of the 15 who have a database management system: zero

    I couldn’t believe it. We assume that it’s common practice, but in truth most mortgage professionals aren’t getting it done with their databases. I hope more and more of them find your articles here at the Top of Mind Blog. We’re making a difference! Thanks again Derek.

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