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Plain Text is Boring

boringFace it, plain old text blog posts are boring. You need a picture or two to spice it up a little bit and give it some color. But finding the right image can be hard. Image searches can be difficult first and foremost because most of the time you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. It is also difficult because your standard Google image search is based on text of the image name and of the site it resides on, not the actual image itself. There is no way to Google an image based on color. I recently came across a really cool, color based image search that can help you find the right image for your web site or blog post.

The IDEE Multicolour Search Lab gives you a color palette and you can select up to 10 colors. Based on your selection of colors, this search engine searches Flickr for images matching your palette.  This can be very useful for sticking to a particular color scheme for your web site.


I also came across anther image search called retrievr; this one allows you to select colors as well as draw a sketch of what you are looking for. I didn’t find that this search worked particularly well; it basically just searched based on the color palette again. But certain hard lines (like an x or something) would often return results with similar hard lines. This is a really cool concept if they can perfect their technology.

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  1. Pretty cool tools for finding some matching pictures.

  2. David Orsini says:

    Thanks Dustin. I think this tool is going to be particularly helpful in my web development efforts over my blogging efforts since color scheme is more important for site branding; but definately a cool tool.

  3. Keri Allred says:

    Thanks for sharing your finds! And I agree. We no longer live in a black and white world.

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