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Use Audio Interviews To Market To REALTORs

I talked about how to use the principles of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, when soliciting business from REALTOR partners, over on the Mortgage Cicerone.   I suggested that originators implement a 33-touch program for REALTOR partners so that you stay in front of them.  The Top of Mind Surefire system does an excellent job of co-marketing yourself, to both the REALTOR and the customer, post-closing.

What can you do, prior to closing a transaction, to demonstrate value to potential REALTOR partners?

I swiped the Loan Toolbox “Gift of Knowledge” idea and found a way to make it more relevant to your local market (and a helluva lot cheaper).

I like to conduct a 30-minute interview with a working, full-time REALTOR and distribute a CD of that interview it to my REALTOR referral base .   It’s much more effective than the Loan Toolbox Gift of Knowledge idea because it positions you as the interviewer.  Here’s how I do it:

1- Find interesting, successful real estate agents.  This is quite simple because so many of them are online now.  I belong the Cyber Professionals, Active Rain, and Wanna Network; many agents are sharing good ideas there.

2- Call the REALTOR and ask her if she’ll perform the interview.  It helps if that agents is not in your local market because she’ll feel comfortable that you arent’ “training her competition”.  Furthermore, “out-of-town experts” carry weight with local agents.

3- Prepare for the interview by sending the Agent-Star a list of 5-7 questions.  Explain that you’d like her have a 3-5 minute answer for each question.

4- Start off the interview with a brief background about how the Agent-Star got into the business and have her describe her success thus far.

5- Conclude the interview by asking the Agent-Star for an “actionable item” which agents could perform daily, that would dramtically improve their business.

6- I use Talk Shoe to record the interview (it’s free and pushes the interview out to iTunes).  Download and save the MP3 of the interview.

7- I use Disc Makers to produce the CDs.  It’s  simple to order and costs about $200 for 100 CDs (or $100 for 25 of them).  Expect a one week turnaround time.

8- Mail those CDs in a package with a “testimonial page” from other real estate agents.  You can solicit testimonials from your LinkedIn account (learn how to do that here).

Bulky packages are ALWAYS opened by real estate agents.  They love the interviews and will listen to them in their car.  The best thing about this idea is that they hardly ever throw those CDs away; they stay in the trunk of the car or on their desks.  It becomes a perpetual business card for you.

PS:  The more tech-savvy among us will suggest that you can just produce a podcast and email the link to everyone.  That’s not as effective as the CD.  Agents know that CDs cost money to produce so they won’t throw it away.  CDs are something they can share with other agents, too. (That’s called viral marketing)

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Brian Brady is a financial services veteran and has been a residential loan originator since 1995. He is an author and speaker for the industry-acclaimed Bloodhound Blog where he teaches online marketing to real estate agents and originators.


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  1. This is a terrific idea!

  2. David Lukas says:

    What a great idea. I\’m going to use the radio show that I already host http://www.FamilyMoneyShow.com and contact a Reatlor in a Market outside of where I operate.

    Thanks Brian & See you at The Mortgage Revolution!!

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