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When You Yell Nobody Hears You

I got this little nugget from my favorite new 30-year old show:  CBS Sunday Morning.  More on that in a moment, but first… here’s the full quote:

“When you yell nobody hears you. The best communicators have to live and present themselves in a peaceful manner.”

What a great quote.  Who coined it might surprise you:  Rosie O’Donnell.  It was her response when asked what she learned from her time on “The View”.

Yes, this person inspired me today.

Yes, this person inspired me today.

All I have to do is rewind my life 40 hours for a healthy dose of perspective.  The details aren’t important, suffice it to say that I let my frustrations build and get the better of me.  In retrospect, was my rant justified?  Absolutely.  But did it serve any purpose?  In other words, did it contribute toward the solution I wanted?  The answer:  probably not.

Here’s the deal, and I know all of us can relate to this…  We place the same expectations onto other people that we typically place on ourselves.  Thus, we spend a lot of our lives disappointed and frustrated.  Imagine the life of a great politician.  No matter how “successful” you become, half the people are gonna love you and the other half can’t stand you.  But your job is to build consensus to the best of your human ability.

Do you find yourself losing your temper with underwriters nowadays?  Or appraisal firms (thanks HVCC)?  It’s natural to get pissed – I really don’t blame you.  But if your end goal is to bring your deals to fruition, the challenge becomes channeling your frustration into the solution, not against the wave of obstacles facing you.  Easier said than done, but for me, writing it down like this is going to help me apply O’Donnell’s wise words next time a frustrating, even unjust, situation arises.

Now, back to CBS Sunday Morning.  If you’re sick of the ambulance chasing and fear mongering we’re getting from our traditional media, I’d encourage you to DVR this outstanding news magazine each Sunday Morning.  Here on the East Coast, it comes on at 9am and lasts an hour and a half.  I’ve found their stories to be diverse, thought provoking and above all – educational.  If you like 60 Minutes, you’ll like the Sunday Morning edition even more.  Just without the rambling nonsense of Andy Rooney (God love him, he’s still doin’ it!).

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  1. Brian Brady says:

    Excellent points, Mark. I have found myself telling underwriters to just “approve or decline the deal” so that I can get it out of my pipeline. The trick is to win each battle so that you ultimately win the war

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