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Help Me Scalp Ken Cook

Ken Cook owns a mortgage company in Atlanta called Novation Mortgage.  I’ve known him as a contributor on Active Rain and spoken on the telephone to him.  Ken and I have referred business back and forth to each other because we both have access to private money trust deed investors.

Anyway, Ken is working on a worthy project:

Here is what we are doing – we are going to restore this home to good living conditions. Once the renovation is complete we are going to advertise for people to recommend a family or individual who they believe deserves the opportunity to live rent and utility free for a maximum of one year in the home. We, the Social Media Community are going to prove to the world that we believe in giving. We believe in “paying it forward”.

Not only will we provide the home rent free but, provided donations are high enough, we will also pay generously toward the utilities. Since there are no or very limited management fees all contributions after the rehab will go directly to covering the costs of the home.

The home is already in my possession, rehab has already begun and we three are already itching to do the next one. Essentially we’ll be helping someone or a family of someones to have a respite from the damage they have endured in this collapsing economy.

I donated because I like and respect Ken but he threw in a little kicker:

I WILL SHAVE MY HEAD! If we raise $10,000 by Sunday, June 21 I will shave my head on YouTube! (If we raise $15,000 I will shave my face, too). If we raise $25,000 I will do it wearing an orange diaper with the Twitter bird drawn on my very white chest!

I love this sort of outrageous promotion !  Ken is actually quite the showman.  He and Jason Crouch (an Austin-based real estate broker) host a radio show on BlogTalkRadio.  If you read any of Ken Cook’s stuff on Active Rain, he’s very much a free-market, old school mortgage originator.

Ken ain’t waiting for the Gub’mint to bailout people who have been blind-sided by the economic recession.  He’s taking matters into his own hands…and helping his community.

If you have a few extra bucks you can donate, help me “scalp” Ken Cook.  A Bald Ken means there is one less homeless family in Georgia.

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Brian Brady is a financial services veteran and has been a residential loan originator since 1995. He is an author and speaker for the industry-acclaimed Bloodhound Blog where he teaches online marketing to real estate agents and originators.


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  1. Great Post Brian!
    You and I still need to connect on the phone.
    When is a good day/time for you this week?

  2. Mark Green says:

    Count me in for $25 right now Brian. Is Ken the originator you have in mind for speaking at Mortgage Revolution, by the way?

  3. Brian Brady says:

    Hey Mark,

    Ken Cook is the originator who has agreed to speak at Mortgage Revolution. Ken is an expert on real estate investing.

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