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New Podcast by Tim Davis!

origmkcoahI just started a new free podcast for Today’s Loan Originator called The Originators Guide. Here is today’s episode and notes. Enjoy and go make a sale!

Setting proper expectations in today’s market

  1. You have to accept the current market
    1. It is what it is. Stop living in the past.
    2. Some will some won’t so what
  2. You have to be knowlegable about the current market, this builds your confidence
    1. This requires study from trusted sources
  3. You have to communicate clearly, politely, and with authority
    1. I like phone communication followed up with a written documents, then seared in with video
    2. Do Not talk industry language with clients. They will nod but they do not understand!
    3. Remember facts tell but stories sell. Use stories to illustrate your point!
    4. You MUST get EVERYONE’S buy in. the agents, the buyers and the sellers!
  4. Make sure you UNDERPROMISE and OVERDELIVER!
    1. This is no time for short rate locks to gain an extra 25
    2. Watch your good faith estimates!
    3. When you know that issues can come up build that into the time!
  5. You have to establish a frequent communication system
    1. You better be calling them long before they call you!

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