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The Best Advice Ever!

origmkcoahToo often I think we complicate our jobs. We feel we need something new in order to be a successful loan officer, when all we really need to do is make loans.  Sure there are many ways to market yourself and your business, BUT the single most important thing you need to do everyday is find a loan. That is what you get paid to do.

I see loan originators get caught up in this or that, the latest system or strategy, and the stray from the simple task – go make a loan.

Now I know you need a customer so that is why the focus of everyday when you get up should be…How can I find someone who needs a mortgage loan today?

This is a great litmus test to every thing you do. If you are going to a networking meeting,  you should go looking for a loan. If you call past clients, you should call looking for a loan.

What does this require? One thing. It requires that you ask the folowing question…

Who do you know that is looking to buy, sell, or refinance?

If you get this question down, then the rest will come pretty easy.

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  1. Tim

    As always, you have an uncanny way of simplifying what we by nature try to over-complicate. Thanks for honing in on such a simple truth – we all would be well advised to take this to heart.

    Chris the implementer

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