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HVCC Podcast with NAMB President Marc Savitt

Mortgage originators everywhere are up in arms about HVCC, and for good reason.  A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article at Lenderama about how NAMB President Marc Savitt has been fighting the good fight.

The next two entries I’m making here at the Top of Mind Blog will focus on educating not only mortgage/real estate professionals about the chaos HVCC has created, but perhaps more importantly how we can educate consumers on the subject.

Top of Mind Blog contributor (and Nashville-based loan originator) Tim Davis somehow caught up with NAMB President Marc Savitt between trips to Capitol Hill.  Not only would I encourage you to listen to Tim’s 50-minute interview, you ought to send it to your clients too.

1)  Marc Savitt discusses how HVCC is negatively impacting consumers.

2)  Later in the podcast, Tim Davis asks Marc what the future of mortgage brokers looks like.  I’ll let you hear for yourself what Mr. Savitt has to say.

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