?> 287 Attendees to a FTHB Seminar!!!
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287 Attendees to a FTHB Seminar!!!

p6010312Let me say first, “WHAT A RUSH AND A BLAST!!!”


Secondly, you can do this same thing, but as NIKE says, “JUST DO IT!!!”


1.  SET THE DATE–commit to a time and work from their.  I did Saturday at 10am to 11am in English and 1pm to 2pm in Spanish.  287 attendees in English and 45 in Spanish.


2.  VENUE–must be neutral and educational.  I used my local civic center (could use library or ???). The civic center sounds community based and does not feel like a SALES MEETING. 


3.  WIIFM(Whats In It For ME)–this is about the client…if it is about what you want/think you will loose.  If catered to their wants/needs you will knock it out of the park.


4.  PARTNERS–Get as many as possible.  We had over 20 sponsors.  Most paid NOTHING for the sponsorship.  All were asked for door prizes and to get the word out to their database.  The more partners you have the less it looks like this is YOUR SALES MEETING.  I had the largest real estate company, roofer, title company, florist, Starbucks, Red Lobster, a CPA, a lumber company, a dentist, a dry cleaner…..the more the better.  Like I mentioned, it was more about door prizes, their services and marketing their database than cash. 


5.  Materials–The real estate company provided their folders with 2 inserts about buying and the process. I put in my $8000 flyer, the LTB Home Buyer Handbook, the LTB Credit Resourse Handbook, a payment example spreadsheet, my swipe and adapted Concierge Package.


6.  Offer–during my presentation I mentioned a flyer that I had at the front of the room (because I forgot to put in the folder) that offered a FREE CREDIT REPORT and CONSULTATION to advise them.  I said this after mentioning several of the credit myths and mistakes that can cost them.   THIS IS THE BIG TAKE AWAY…….most FTHB’s seem to need or want credit help in a way that is non-threatening. 


7.  Agenda–15 minutes of a realtor presenting about what they do and the process as well as some of the common mistakes.  10 minutes from the local housing authority on their MRB and MCC programs, or as the FTHB’s call it, FREE MONEY.  20 minutes from YOU/ME discussing the $8000 tax credit, credit myths and mistakes, the 4 items underwriters look for on a loan application, why rates are low and why they will jump unless the FED keeps purchasing MBS, what payments look like at 4 different price points and how little cash needed based on the MCC and MRB programs. (again FTHB speak….can you fix my credit and not make it painful, can I afford the house and not change my lifestyle, and can I put only a little cash into the purchase…also can i get money back from the GOV’t to purchase?)  15 minutes of current market stats and a wrap up.


8.  REGISTRATION CARDS–Everyone signed in.  I now have put that into a spreadsheet/master list and into my database.  The cards are now with ERA and have been distributed to their agents to work the leads also.


9.  REALTOR HELP–approximately 30 agents showed up…they all asked their clients to come as well.


10..STATISTICS–82% of the respondents said they came as a result of seeing the article in the paper.  We had the local paper do a story on our COMMUNITY EVENT and mentioned the MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE.  I ALWAYS get more attendees when the local media do stories versus paid advertising.  Again, it looks and really is just INFORMATIONAL.  YOU MUST GET THIS PART DONE!!!!!


Final thoughts at 5am……


p6010297Let me say THANK YOU to Jim Sahnger and Rene Rodriguez who had a really cool idea that I did incorporate into my seminar, which was their “MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE.”


If you have not seen it/heard it you need to. Jim mentioned the MATH to me about needing 125 buyers at $8000 tax credit each would put $1,000,000 in IRS money back into your clients pockets.  In my seminar I actually said the $2,000,000 challenge because we were over 250 in the room.  I simply said, “do you realize that if just the people in this room qualified as FTHB’s and purchased before November 30th, that would put $2,000,000 of the IRS’s money back in YOU they Buyers pockets…….now I actually had APPLAUSE and a good commotion for about 30 seconds while that settled in.


I get nothing out of the system so i feel comfortable saying check out Jim/Rene’s site at http://www.databasemath.com They put together a really cool checklist that i wish i had BEFORE I did all of my work!!!!


None the less….this is EASILY OBTAINABLE for anyone who chooses to take ACTION.  If you are really in business, you know the information, if you are reading this, you have the recources from companies such as LTB or Top Of Mind, you can create your own awareness pieces or use Jim/Rene’s material, and JUST GO DO IT.


The total cost for the entire event, FOOD, 42″ flat screen TV give away, some TV/RADIO, the venue, all of it totaled just under $4000.  Now based on sponsors and the given door prizes I actually put no money into the seminar.  YES I did a ton of printing so I have time/money invested in office supplies etc….the LTB handbooks took a while to print/put together, but the cost was covered by all other parties/freebies etc….


You can do this for less based on what i’ve seen now and still get the same results!!! AGAIN, get parters involved and BE CREATIVE.


~To Your Success



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Derek is the Branch Manager and Sr. Loan Officer for Academy Mortgage in Yuma, Arizona. Derek is NMLS Licensed (#180899) and has over 12 years experience of government lending, both on the mortgage broker and banker sides of the business. His passions are: helping first time home buyers as well as those who may need credit counseling. He resides in Yuma, AZ with wife Sheri and three wonderful sons.


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  1. Mark Green says:


    Thanks for sharing this on our blog. To be honest with you, this is exactly the type of content I’d like to see more of on our blog – execution w/ results.

    For those of you reading this article – and these comments. I’ve asked Derek to give a presentation on FTHB seminars at Mortgage Revolution. It’s going to rock. Thanks again Derek.

  2. Dan Kublawi says:

    What an outstanding post. Very nicely done. This is a great step by step and I especially like the part about it being about the client. You gave back and will experience a 10 fold return I am sure. Great stuff.

  3. Tammy Lanore says:

    Great information! Now I am pumped and getting excited to hold a seminar. I am not much of a speaker in a large room but having everybody take a small part will sure make a difference!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Derek – you are a rockstar. I am glad to have read the post… very informative and helpful for “The Implementer”

    C the I

  5. Mark….I’m looking forward to the opportunity to present this material in more depth at Mortgage Revolution.

    Tammy/Dan….thank you for the comments. Take action and it will take shape. Fell free to email me if you have any further questions.

    Chris…..Thanks Man! Hope you had a relaxing weekend with the family.

  6. Jim sahnger says:

    Derek, thank you for the kind words and congratulations on your success!

    For anyone that would like to learn more about the Million Dollar Challenge, please check it out at http://www.MillionDollarMortgageChallenge.com.

    Many mortgage professionals are enjoying success from implementing what we share here and we would love to include more in the challenge. And while the clock is ticking on the $8,000 tax credit, the benefits from doing first-time home buyer seminars will serve you for a lifetime.

    Jim Sahnger

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