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Show Up or Get Shown Out

j0439345You’ve likely heard it a dozen different ways from a variety of managers, peers and mentors throughout your sales career…

Get to a networking event!
Attend a Realtor Association meeting!
Join Rotary or your local Chamber!
Start up your own Mastermind group!

…and the commands to “get out of your cave” goes on.

One of the first things I ask new clients who tell me that they aren’t generating enough leads or aren’t finding any new referral partners is, “Are you showing up or are you waiting to be shown out?” Harsh? Maybe. Answers whether you’re still in the game or not? Yup!

As I go back over thousands of coaching notes and hundreds of hours of recorded coaching sessions, the answer to why some Mortgage Professionals just seem to be more happy in their careers and find it easier to generate leads and opportunities than others, becomes strikingly evident. The simple fact is that those who are willing to show up in the world on a consistent basis reap all the rewards.

mastermindI can site case against case against case when a client has finally given in and taken the plunge to show up to an after hours chamber mixer, a Women’s Business Council meeting, a www.meetup.com event, a Realtor Association meeting, a neighborhood block party, a poker game, a Red Cross charity event, an attorney-friend’s golf tournament…where the door to opportunity suddenly sprang open and then WHOOOOSH… a domino effect of other opportunities, more invites, more new contacts and more business would light a new path for my clients.

And NO, it had nothing to do with their DISC profile, how conversationally savvy they were, or whether they wore Armani or jeans and a polo shirt. What did make the difference was that they were ready to put away all of their preconceived notions about what they were going to show up to and embrace the fact that they were not fortune tellers and would never be able to predict the outcome of one event from another. They just started SHOWING UP.

meetupYou may be thinking, ‘Hey, wait a minute, you’re not trying to tell me that they didn’t have anything in hand, weren’t scripted or prepared are you???’ Yes, in many cases, that’s exactly what I am telling you. The majority of the time, the reason why Mortgage Professionals are NOT getting out in the world is because they find themselves getting stuck trying to come up with the perfect elevator speech, or designing a great flyer to introduce their FTHB seminar or trying to find or anticipate the BEST place to show up to and so…guess what happens? They don’t go anywhere.

If this sounds familiar to you, do yourself a favor, do something radically different. Don’t overly research where you are going to show up, don’t bring anyone with you, remove all expectations from your mind, refrain from having an agenda, tote nothing along, except your biz cards, be open, smile at folks and simply show up with a curious and observantmind.42-15655152

Here is a list of “just show up” places that can all be researched on the Internet. Make it a goal to find, schedule and attend at least one event a week in the month of July.

  • City council meetings
  • Charity/Fund raising events
  • Library hosted events
  • Chamber, Rotary, Toastmasters
  • Mom’s clubs events
  • www.meetup.comgatherings & events
  • Speed networking
  • Local business grand opening events
  • Business expositions
  • Presentations/Trainings put on by other types of Professionals
  • College campus events

Sound too simple? Don’t think it will work? Ignore those thoughts! That’s just your brain trying to trick you into sticking with your old, comfortable habits. (the ones that aren’t generating any new opportunities)Resist, resist resist!Be rebellious, do something different, take a risk and SHOW UP ANYWAY. I double-dog dare you!

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  1. Mark Green says:

    Love it Victoria. Reminds me a lot of the guy I rented a room from when we first started Top of Mind Networks – Charlie Kontz. He used to say one thing over and over again:


    That’s short for See The People 🙂

    If you do, you really can’t fail in sales.

  2. Victoria,

    Thank you for the push.

    I have 2 more meetings this week that i can attend that I previously had not planned to go to.


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