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3 Keys to get Agents to Send You Business!


If you have not woken up to the reality that the purchase money business is where your long term career should be focused now is the time! As rates rise, you need to get out in front of the pack early to win at originating purchase money loans.

Many loan originators suffer from a case of, “I can’t get agents to refer me business”

Here are 3 keys to attract, hook, and get business from agents…

Tell the Truth!

It is absolutely critical that you lay out the truth to your agents about every deal they refer to you.  If it will take 45 days to close, let them know. If you have to work with the credit to get them mortgage ready, let them know. They may or may not receive the news well at first, but they will respect you for telling the truth and that will lead to more referrals.

Keep Them In the Loop!

It is critical that you call them more than they call you during the process. I like to keep in touch with my clients and agents several ways..

  • Email notifications
  • Faxes
  • Video
  • And most important – phone calls!!!

Never let technology get in the way of a phone call.

Close on Time

Now that can be tricky in today’s market, so do yourself, your client, and your agent a favor and set the proper expectations out from the start. If you think a 30 day close is going to cut it short, get them to buy into a 45 day close at the start. It will save you time, grief, and get you more referrals!

Work hard to develop systems for each of thee areas and you will soon become the originating superstar of purchase money loans!

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