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4 Simple Steps to Bring Old Leads Back to Life

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If you are like most sales people you get a little surge of adrenaline, your heart rate increases, and a bead of sweat forms on your forehead when a fresh new sales lead pops into your queue. It’s natural-anticipation of an easy deal becomes top of mind.

Unfortunately, the statistics would tell us otherwise. The fresh new lead is much less likely to close than one already in your sales pipeline. However, my gut tells me that most of your sales processes are not built on that premise.

Try these 4 simple steps to get more closings from old leads:

1. Never Throw Away a Lead – Of course, you are never going to close a lead that you throw away. So, why do will constantly kill opportunity based on the date it came into our sales pipeline. Customers, especially mortgage borrowers, should never have an expiration date.

Homeowners regularly refinance, make home improvements, relocate, buy larger homes, and downsize into smaller ones-truly mortgage customers for life.

2. Introduce or Re-introduce Yourself – The first step to bringing that old lead back to life is being polite. Your first contact is likely to be an interruption. Whether you just bought an aged lead or are trying to reignite that old database of contacts-these people haven’t heard from you recently. So, use your manners.

A simple introduction or reminder of a past interaction is a good start. Quickly get to the point. Why should they give you a few valuable moments of their time? And, what value are you going to give them in that first conversation?

Free stuff works great in this step-timely article, valuable eBook, or a simple do-it-yourself mortgage assessment.

3. Ask Permission to Continue Contact – Very quickly get a commitment or permission for follow-up contact. Not only does it assist in your compliance with a variety of marketing laws and regulations, it builds trust and respect.

This simple request makes your customer feel in control and at the center of the process. Asking permission will heighten the awareness to ongoing marketing campaigns and remove any perception of invading their privacy.

4. Persistence Lands Deals – The bottom line in increasing the activation and conversion of old leads is persistence pays. These leads are potentially in a variety of different positions in the buying cycle. Unlike a fresh lead, their intent will be far less clear-that is your challenge.

The opportunity is that those who build processes and campaigns that nurture aging pipeline leads will increase lead ROI and closed deals. Smart sales person know that regular touch points with customers in their database is the best possible source of lead generation on the market.

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Troy Wilson brings an extensive knowledge base in Internet Lead Generation to the Top of Mind Blog As the owner of Next Wave Marketing Strategies, Troy works with lending professionals on integrating "aged leads" into their customer acquisition model. He currently resides in Austin TX with his wife Kelly and is the proud father of 2 boys.


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  1. Mark Green says:

    Troy, thanks for the article. I’m really happy to have you as a contributor on the Top of Mind Blog. Your expertise in the area of “aged leads” dovetails perfectly into the art of CRM.

    Mortgage professionals often ask me what they can do to warm up an adopted or aged database. I’m sure that your expertise in this area will be well received and look forward to continued posts from you.

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