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Using Surveys in Your Mortgage CRM Approach

SurveyCRM in and of itself is not a complicated concept.  We deepen relationships with our clients and sphere of influence over time, identifying selling opportunities in the process.

Ask any sales trainer and they’ll tell you that the key to closing the deal is listening more than you’re talking.  The same tenets hold true in CRM, although they’re somewhat more difficult to implement.  That’s why one of our favorite tools here at Top of Mind is our good old Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Without question, this correspondence elicits the highest response rate of any of our 24-touches.  Further, the data we’re able to collect in the process provides invaluable insight into the client experience:

1)  When surveying your client – ask for permission to use as a testimonial. It’s one thing for you to tell a prospect or referral source how great you are.  It’s completely another for an actual client to provide this message.  Make this a standard practice and you’ll have 50 or more testimonials before you know it.  Some of our clients save these surveys in a binder and leave them on the coffee table in their office.  Others scan and post them to their websites.

2)  Keep your survey short and simple. Like anything else, put yourself in the shoes of the respondent before executing on any campaign.  If you’re unlikely to answer a 4-page, 50-question survey, chances are excellent your client will react the same way.  We prefer to keep our surveys to one page.

3)  Ask a few open-ended questions. Check boxes certainly make surveys easier to complete, but they don’t get you the type of “sound bites” you’re really looking for.  If your question can be answered with a “yes” or “no”, try to also include a follow-up question asking “If so, why…” or “If not, what could we do to …”.

4)  Pay for return postage and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for easy return. This alone will dramatically improve your response rates.  Quite frankly, your client is doing you a favor so I think it’s schlocky to ask them to pay for postage.  Hey, that’s what you pay us for, right?

If you’re interested in integrating surveys into your CRM approach, there are several excellent tools out there to help make it easier:

1)  Survey Monkey:  This is a website where you can craft surveys online.  They have a free service that will get the job done.  For more complex functionality, their monthly charge is $19.95/month.  There are a few other online providers, one of them being Zoomerang.

2)  Top of Mind is also here to help you.  Case in point, one of our clients asked us to craft a new survey over the weekend that’s going to help them generate more referrals to give to their referral sources.  If you have a vision, or a marketing challenge you’d like to implement, try giving us a call to see if we can help.  After all, that’s what we’re here for.

Make it a fantastic week everyone.

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