?> Three Sites Where You Can Get Free and Legal Photos for Your Blog
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Three Sites Where You Can Get Free and Legal Photos for Your Blog

digital-world“A picture is worth a thousand words” right? We all know how a well placed image can motivate a prospect to take action.  While a well placed image can certainly help boost your conversions as well as the readability of the page, there’s a right way, and a wrong way to go about finding compelling imagery for your site.

Many loan officers will grab any picture they see on the web and place it on their website. While this may seem to be the easiest way to dress your site up, it is often the illegal way as well. Just as you’d never swipe a photo or painting from someone else and hang it on your wall, web imagery is often protected by copyright, licensing laws, etc – unless otherwise noted.

So what’s a budding web  mortgage marketer to do when it comes time to dress up a blog post or page? Here are some free resources for you:




Each of the above sites allows you to browse through tens, and even hundreds of thousands of images to find something that will fit your site or blog. (Yep, the image I posted came from one of the above sites)

Bookmark or save links to the sites above and use them as needed. Won’t cost you a dime! Make it a great week!

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  1. Robert Finch says:

    Thank you for the info. This will be an instant money saver. I always used istockphoto.com because I didn\’t know of free options like these.

  2. Jeff Drew says:


    Thanks for sharing a great resouce for our mortgage websites and blogs.

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