?> Top of Mind Announcement: We're Building a New Customer Acquisition Direct Mail Division
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Top of Mind Announcement: We're Building a New Customer Acquisition Direct Mail Division

Happy Monday everyone.

I read a recent thread on the Loan Tool Box forum that really disturbed me.  An Atlanta-based broker was looking for a firm specializing in direct mail marketing.  I actually replied to that thread to learn more about what this fellow wanted in his vendor.  This was about 6 months ago, I’m guessing.

Last week, this same mortgage broker posted about a nightmarish experience with the vendor he’d selected.  I won’t go into details here, but suffice it to say – he got ripped off.  I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a lot of that going on in the direct mail space.  It’s a shame.  So we figure there’s an opportunity for a trusted vendor to fill a need…

Therefore, I’d like to formally announce that we are building a Customer Acquisition Direct Mail division at Top of Mind Networks.  Our objective will be to redefine the space through:

1)  Honesty:  Your direct mail vendor ought to supply you with proof that the job went out  on time and with 100% accuracy.  You ought to know who received the direct mail piece.  These are “givens” that most vendors seem to screw up with alarming consistency.

2)  Transparency:  There’s an earned distrust in the land of direct mail vendors, so we’ll set out to change that by showing our clients what the campaign costs, how much we’re marking it up, etc.  No, we don’t plan to work for free.  But we’re not afraid to show our clients the components of a successful direct mail campaign – and how we’re earning our keep.  That’s a pretty novel idea for this business – and who better to step up and implement than Top of Mind?

3)  Training:  We’re known in the mortgage business as a turn-key operation.  In other words, our clients entrust us to execute without fail while they’re focusing on the core business of helping borrowers.  We’ll bring that same methodology to our direct marketing division.  Perhaps as important:  we’ll train our clients on best practices to ensure they’re turning inquiries into applications – and closed loans.

Is your firm using direct mail to generate mortgage leads?  If so, I’d love to interview you so I can learn how best to serve our clients in this new space.  Would you please call me at 404-943-9910?

Also, if you’ve been thinking of testing direct mail for customer acquisition purposes, don’t hesitate to give me a shout.  We’re committed to bringing our clients an honest service at a fair price.

Quite frankly, we’re pretty excited about it too.

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  1. Mark – You are definately the person that can put respectability into the mortgage customer acquisition direct mail vendor business!

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