?> 17 Agents Eagerly Signed Up to do Business With Us!
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17 Agents Eagerly Signed Up to do Business With Us!

origmkcoahSo often I hear the statement, “What can you give Realtors to get them to do business with you?”

The answer is simply this…find their problem and solve it. In fact that is the answer for getting anyone to do business with you.

“When you have a solution to their problem, they will come to you rather than you chasing them!”

The challenge is in finding the problem. In order for you to find the problem here is what you have to do…

1. Have a professional meeting with the agents. As them questions about their business. Do not go in looking to get deals, go into the meeting looking to present yourself as truly interested in their challenges

2. Do not try and problem solve at the meeting. Take good notes and then think about solutions during a quite time away from the office.

3. Keep the solutions simple. Don’t attempt to make a 75 step process to solve a problem. Very often a problem can be solved with a worksheet or checklist.

We recently started a Circle of Champions campaign that has literally taken off like wildfire! I just completed an office presentation for a group of agents who I knew were looking for solutions to closing loans in today’s market. After the 20 minute presentation, I offered to come  in 2 times per month and coach their team personally because they had said that accountability was their biggest problem. I had 17 agents sign up that day!

Out of that we developed a product called “How to Shorten the Sales Cycle and Get Paid Faster!” in which the agents must sit down one on one with one of our loan officers to get the program. (I purposely did not make it a download, because I want them to call us!)

In fact I have a new coaching client in my FINISH STRONG coaching program that we are going to implement the same strategy for in the next month.

In today’s market you have to be all in to win and that means you have to sift through the wannabees and get straight to the winners.

For more coaching tips and strategies visit me at www.theoriginatorsguide.com

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