?> Are you in ____ for the long term?
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Are you in ____ for the long term?



Are you in ______ for the long term?


Often people will get laser focused on their immediate needs and then neglect or ignore their long term needs.  Yet, the long term is what defines you and gives you the freedom to enjoy the immediate!  Is this you?  What is your _____?  Family, Work, Friends, Marriage?


When you are working on a project, do you find it easier to quickly dart over to your fast food joint for your quick gut-fill of grease?  Or do you walk the 5 blocks to the sit down restaurant that offers fresh healthy food?  The fast food satisfies your hunger (immediate); the walking and healthy restaurant satisfy your hunger, health, and waist line (long term).


When you are headed to an appointment, do you wait until the last minute to leave so that you can squeeze out one more email/read one more blog and pray that traffic is on your side, only to arrive and apologize for being late? Or worse, your family and friends start telling you that the meeting time is 30 minutes earlier in order to accommodate your continuous tardiness?  Oh sure, you finished your task (immediate); but not keeping your word affects your long term accountability and reputation.


Did you have a good year and convince yourself that you need to be rewarded with the new house/car/boat instead of properly building your reserve account?


Do you have trouble planning for the future and seeing the value that your immediate decisions and actions will have on your long term needs?  Most salespeople that I talk to and work with are no different.  In fact, salespeople are arugably the worst planners for the long term.  They focus on the immediate and their “today”!  They do not realize that the actions of today will significantly affect the results of tomorrow.


It does not matter where you work or who you work for.  It does not matter if we are talking about family, work, friends, marriage, or personal satisfaction.  You are in business for yourself – even when you work for someone else.  You need to take responsibility for yourself.  You are the CEO of your You, Inc., and you need to work on and plan your business!


The year is half over.  Are you meeting your goals?  Did your new-year-resolutions evaporate by January 10?  It is time to blow the dust off of your business plan and see if you are still on target?  Or did you forget to put together a plan?


Many people do not have a business plan, and worse, most do not even know how to prepare one!  You do not have to wait until the beginning of the year to put together a plan.  And your “business” can be your family life, your relationships, or your life goals.  Next week, we will review how simple it is to put together a plan….even if you have never had one, and even if it is the middle of the year!  After all, in life, just like in sales, the year does not start over on Jan 1.  The year starts over EVERY day.  And, for salespeople, the year starts over after every sale!  So, even though we are in July, now is the beginning of your year and time to get started!


Are you in ______ for the long term?

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3 Responses to “Are you in ____ for the long term?”
  1. Hey Doug,
    Do you have a template or a sample for mortgage professional that have a plan or somewhat a plan put together. I am a type “A” personality and somewhat of a perfectionist. So I would like to compare with successful professionals.

  2. Joshua Bucio says:

    Great motivational post! I like the part where you said for a sales person, your year stars over after every sale. So true!

  3. Doug Adamczyk says:

    Andres – yes. I will share one. Stay tuned!

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