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Building Trust by Answering Questions

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Few things build trust better than being helpful and knowledgeable. Answering questions can be the trick to building a strong trust-based selling opportunity.

I think social networking and websites are beginning to get the power of questions to proceed sales-LinkedIn, Yahoo!, and several others are debuting question and answer formats.

Capture Consumers Early

These are precisely the services you should be targeting to harvest new prospects.  Invariably consumers will start complex and infrequent processes, like mortgage loans and debt settlement, with a ton of questions. The earlier and more often you get in the mix to answer these the better.

There are a couple of great places to start to begin capturing more customer questions and earlier:

  • Twitter-Simply add your search terms and monitor for mortgage or debt questions
  • Yahoo! Answers -Search or monitor varied loan related categories
  • Linkedin Answers-This is another great place to search for opportunities

There are tons of questions already out there. Many have been answered and possibly the original inquirer is long gone, but search is a powerful thing. Many of these basic questions will bring new visitors with the same questions. Answering puts you in a credible position for a follow-up or a visit to your website.

Answer Questions

Make it a practice to answer a few questions everyday. This builds a bigger search “net” to capture curious homeowners or debt clients. It also improves your knowledge and presentation skills. Being forced to put your knowledge of mortgages or debt into concise, short, sentences is great practice for sales.

Follow-up with Information

If you do get an inquiry or visits to your website you need to be ready with information. Remember they had questions and they will have more. Take each of your answers (or at least the most popular) and turn them into longer explanations or PDFs that you can point or provide to these prospects.

Close and Get Referrals

The beauty of closing clients that started with questions and received a good knowledge-based sale is they are usually great referring clients. They feel like they got more than a mortgage or debt settlement. And, they want to reciprocate, which usually means a referral.

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  1. Mark Green says:

    Thanks Troy! I know that Brian Brady is awesome at mixing it up in these forums. If I recall correctly, another great place to answer questions online is Zillow.com. They’re building a pretty formidable mortgage shopping environment over there.

    Awesome article – thanks again man.

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