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Real Estate is Local, So Is Google

I was reading this article on Duct Tape Marketing this morning and got to thinking how realtors and mortgage professionals could put this strategy to use for them. This article describes how local business owners can use the Google Local Business Center to add their business to a directory within Google.

google-mortgageI am sure you have all seen search results from Google that look like this image, where they list out certain businesses that match your criteria and show them on a Google Map. This directory is how that comes to be. So the old saying goes, “Real Estate Is Local”, so why not use the tools Google is giving us to make our business more easily found by local people who are searching for it?

And if anyone is utilizing Google AdWords you can now link these to your Google Local Business Profile and have your physical address show up in the Ad based on the address of the person doing the searching. Check out Local Extensions for more information.

Based on your profile, Google will also show you some cool analytics. Within the dashboard you can view how many people clicked on your profile, what keywords they searched for to get them there, and you can even see their physical location if they searched for driving directions.

This profile also allows you to add more than just your company name, phone, and address. This is also another great spot where you can add a back-link to your website or blog and embed some additional keywords. I have not attempted to measure the SEO benefits of this, but I can assure you it will not hurt. All things considered, this is just one more tool you can use to help people find you. It takes about 5 minutes to setup and you are done. Other than checking your analytics from time to time you really never have to touch it again.

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David Orsini is Chief Operating Officer of Top of Mind Networks and oversees the fulfillment and product development divisions of the company. David specializes in building systems that help mortgage professionals maximize their relationships with their client base without having to lift a finger.


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  1. David – Thank you for the overview. I knew some of this information about Google, but you and video did a great job at rounding out this information.

  2. Mark Green says:

    Damn Google just keeps getting sharper and sharper. They know that search brings the eyeballs. They monetize the eyeballs through advertising.

    Then they reinvest heavily into building a stronger sense of community via user generated content.

    Whereas most players in this space hoard control, Google puts the user in full control. We play on their playground with toys they design for us. And then they give these fun toys to us for free.

    And that fuels the cycle, right? More eyeballs, more search, more advertising.

    Noteworthy, Yahoo and Microsoft finally got their search deal done last night. Too little too late. It’s game over for Google. Everyone else will be fighting for scraps.

  3. Mark – Not sure if game is over for the remaining to only be fighting for scraps, however Google has a huge headstart and Microsoft/Yahoo must also compete/resolve the issue of blending two different cultures and the BIG corporate way of operating. Google has a distinct advantage from that viewpoint and their whole focus is to own the destop cloud. Very interesting battles for our screen will be taking place…thus the future of business.

  4. David Orsini says:

    The video pretty much says it all… I just elaborated a little.

    As for Microsoft/Yahoo; Suffice it to say they have some ground to make up. I am not sure anyone will be able to compete with Google in the search space any time in the foreseeable future.

  5. Doug Francis says:

    I had an upstart search engine pitch me for prime placement… but to find them I had to use the Google. My thought was, but it\’s not Google, BING! So I passed.

    The funny reality is that most of us find what we are looking for on page 1, and never get to page 2 or beyond. Location, location holds true in the online world.

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