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Mortgage CRM Lessons from a 5 Year Old

You May Want to Watch Your Step There :)

You May Want to Watch Your Step There!!!

Warning, the word “poop” is used several times in this article so please stop here if you have issues with the word “poop” being used in a CRM capacity.

So I had an absolutely wonderful Daddy-Amanda weekend. We took in a baseball game. We went to the park. We ate ice cream. And I learned some valuable mortgage CRM lessons from my five year old.

You see, on Thursday evening, I took Amanda to Toys R Us and bought her a new video game for the Wii. It’s called Paws & Claws Pet Resort.  The basic premise of the game is simple: you operate a pet resort.  Clients drop off their cute furry animals and you take care of them.  If you do a good job, you get paid in coins which you can then redeem for more stuff for the animals.  My little girl’s been begging for a hamster for months.  Figured this would be a good intro step.

So I read the manual and set off with Amanda to run our new pet resort.  Clients drop off their beloved pets and we earn coins.  We can spend those coins at the general store.  Rinse and repeat.  Right off the bat, we have two new customers.  One of them is a cute bunny and the other is a guinea pig.  And the “fun” begins.  When the pets show up at the resort, they’re generally happy.  But before long, they become hungry, dirty, lonely and needy.  So our job is to pet, feed, clean, adorn, reward and entertain our guests.  This quickly becomes work.  Our cute little pets seem less cute when they’ve pooped all over the place.  But with Daddy at the helm, Amanda and I close out the first day of our new venture with a fairly happy stable of rodents.

When the sun arises on day two, I let Amanda take the helm while I make breakfast for the two of us.  I might have left the room for ten minutes.  Here’s what I found when I got back:

1)  Amanda had spent the entire bank account of coins at the general store.  What did she spend her money on?  New clothes.  Not for the animals, mind you, but for herself!

CRM Lesson: Many loan officers take their commissions and adorn themselves with goodies.  I’m not saying that you don’t deserve to be rewarded, but you’ve got to also reinvest profits back into your beloved clients.  If you do this consistently, you’ll build a true residual business.  If not…

2)  Upon returning from her shopping spree, Amanda visited her pets (good) and exhausted her entire supply of food/treats with the rabbit – leaving none for the guinea pig (bad).

CRM Lesson: All clients deserve your attention – do not cherry pick from the cutest ones or biggest spenders.  Your CRM system needs to accommodate A, B, and C clients, referral sources, prospects and your sphere of influence.  This seems tough – and it is.  But it must be done.

3)  When Amanda’s pets were left uncared for and unattended to, they pooped.  A LOT.  And of course that made them sadder.  These sad animals become more time consuming.  They need more petting, entertainment, rewards, etc.

CRM Lesson: Failure to consistently engage your database has a cumulative effect.  The longer you leave your clients alone and uncared for, the more difficult a job you’ll have when you engage them the next time around.


It was a fascinating exercise.  This video game helped me teach my daughter the value of money (and the concept of scarcity).  We also learned that animals, like clients, require continued investment and care.  My daughter is five and she adapted to this life lesson almost immediately.  By Sunday, her animals were being showered with love and affection – almost nonstop.

Most loan originators I come into contact with are significantly older than five.  Yet, they fail to learn these simple life lessons.  Most originators fail to execute on mortgage CRM tactics.  I’ve been asking myself for the last six years:  Why is this?  Why don’t loan officers invest back into their clients and referral partners?

I still don’t know the answer to that question.  But if you’re reading this article, you should be ecstatic that your competitors run their business worse than the typical five year old.  Further, take the difficult step of looking inward.  Are you showing your database enough love and nurturing?  If you’re not, make the decision to execute today.  At least your clients don’t poop on the floor, so you’re already ahead of the game.

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  1. Doug Adamczyk says:

    Mark – I like those analogies. Especially #1 – we see that time and time again. Loan Officers and sales people need to reinvest in order to have ultimate success.

  2. Mark – I got a real Tears for Fears Sowing the Seeds of Love vibe from this post!

    Good stuff, brother. Ya gotta treat your market like the organic beast that it is! We’re all farmers, baby.

    All for now – gotta “git” back to “gittin’ er done!”

    – Kevin

    PS _ lemme know if you see any trackbacks coming through via the Scenius Blogs I have out. Have at least one of your posts on them.

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