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Microsoft Excel Series: Installment #2: Separating First and Last Name Into Separate Fields

One of our goals at Top of Mind Networks is to be your database. I think once our new Contact Management System is launched in the next 90 days that will become more of a reality. That being said, in order to be your single marketing database we often need to consolidate multiple databases into one. And since sometimes different database and CRM systems store their data differently, combining them can become problematic.

In the scenario I am covering today, we have one Excel spreadsheet that has the contact’s first and last name in one column. And if there is a spouse (co-borrower) name it is also stored in that same column. In order to have a clean database we need all of that data stored in separate columns (ie as separate fields). That way when addressing a letter or email you can address it as “Dear Joe,” vs. “Dear Joe Smith” when using your marketing database/CMS. Separating these values from one column into multiple columns is not very straightforward, but in the video below I have given my best effort at illustrating how we typically accomplish this. Hopefully this helps!

If you are having trouble viewing this video or would like to see a larger version so it is easier to see please click here.

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David Orsini is Chief Operating Officer of Top of Mind Networks and oversees the fulfillment and product development divisions of the company. David specializes in building systems that help mortgage professionals maximize their relationships with their client base without having to lift a finger.


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  1. Mark Green says:

    David, I actually used this video today. So I didn’t have to run into your office to bother you with another mundane request!

    These videos really work :)!!!!

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