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Interesting Marketing Survey Results from LOs


Recently a client of mine conducted a survey with 32 Loan Officers regarding the effectiveness of various marketing efforts they had been engaged in over time. The survey revealed that the top four marketing activities (those that actually brought in business) were:

  1. Past Client Marketing-Phone Calls (helpful info, touching base, etc.)
  2. Past Client Marketing-Mail (newsletters, etc.)
  3. Past Client Marketing-Email Blasts
  4. Referral Partner-Educational Presentations

And the marketing efforts that gained the least returns were:

  1. Lead Generation-Apartment Complex Campaigns (FTHB)
  2. Lead Generation-Purchase Leads
  3. Lead Generation-Newspaper/Magazine Ads
  4. Lead Generation-Direct Mail

This was a small survey sample and of course there are always outliers, but I believe this is a good micro view that does accurately reflect what the majority of Loan Officers have found to be true with regard to their own marketing experiences.

The further away from the target you are, the further away from a sale you are…period!  Something to chew on.

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  1. David Orsini says:

    That is certainly what we have been telling people for years Victoria so it is good to see some additional evidence backing that up. I personally think that buying leads right now is more dangerous than ever. You are competing against everyone else who bought the same lead… and from what I hear there is still a lot of bait and switch going on out there so unless you are willing to blatantly lie to your prospects then someone else is getting the deal. There are still a lot of crooks out there.

    Groing your business organically through your database and spehere of influence is definitely the way to go.

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