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What Can I Do?


We had the NAMB Emergency State of the Union call the other day – thanks Mark for all of your help in organizing and hosting it!

While listening to the call, there was a main overriding theme that I kept hearing:  What is NAMB doing for us?

More importantly, the question should be, what are YOU doing for NAMB?  What are YOU doing to further your own industry?

Are you listening to conference calls?  Are you reading and staying current on changes in the industry?  Are you thinking through the ramifications of the changes?  Are you discussing the changes with co-workers and associates?  Are you expressing your concerns to NAMB?  Are you following NAMB’s recommendations and pleas when they give you the talking points and ask for you to help by contacting your legislative representatives?  Have you joined NAMB?……..Whoa!….Hold on…..we need to stop right here!!!!!

You are not a member of NAMB?  First, you MUST join NAMB.  It is appalling that loan officers in one breath ask what NAMB is doing for them, but in the next breath, they will admit that they are not members!

NAMB is an association to serve the mortgage industry.  And most of the NAMB “employees” are volunteers!  They do not manufacture products.  They do not sell goods.  They rely on our dues in order to have the capital to operate!  Your annual membership dues — as small as they are – are needed!  Have you even looked into a membership?  Have you seen how surprisingly cheap it is?  Your monthly coffee budget is probably higher than the annual NAMB membership!  It is unfortunate that loan officers do not feel the concern to support their own organization - an organization built solely to work for and represent them!  NAMB is not a bloated fat cat with tons of money in the coffers.  In fact, currently NAMB does not bring in enough funds to properly operate.  They need to carefully pick and choose which battles to fight.  And when they do fight, it is with one hand tied behind their back because they do not have enough membership dues to wage the proper battle.

Without you, NAMB cannot do anything for you!  So instead of what is NAMB doing for us?  What are YOU doing for NAMB?


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Doug is a mortgage professional with over 14 years of experience in the industry. In 2005, Doug founded Jacob Dean Mortgage, Inc. and sold the company in 2008. He is still actively involved in Jacob Dean Mortgage as the Vice President of Operations focusing on compliance, licensing, and legal matters. Doug's other passions include flying and aviation. Doug is married to Michele and has two boys, Jacob and Dean, hence the name of the company!


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  1. Mark Green says:

    Doug, I couldn’t put it any better myself. NAMB needs all the help it can get, they are understaffed and overworked. They are the only organization fighting for the broker channel. Thanks for writing this awesome article. I just hope people are reading. We’re doing another big webinar on 10/27 on YSP by the way. Details to come soon.

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