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What's Your Take on Email Frequency?

Email is cheap, right? Email is also easy. Cheap and easy.

When something is cheap and easy, it’s easily duplicated. Rinse and repeat this cycle a few billion times a day and you end up with a CRM nightmare…


Clutter is every marketer’s primary opponent. Our challenge is to reach that reader with the right message at the right time. But that alone doesn’t ensure success. The variable we often take for granted is readership. When I used to sell newspaper advertising, I often quoted”circulation” figures as if they were the gospel. For example, the Miami Herald used to deliver 400,000 copies of the paper every morning. Does that mean an advertiser’s message was seen 400,000 times? Of course not. Variables include:

1) Ad position (an ad on page 3A certainly yields more impressions than one on page 14 of the Food section)
2) Ad size (a full-page ad yields higher readership than a one-inch classified ad)
3) Creative (the headline in your print advertising is its most critical creative element)
4) That day’s events (did the hometown team win the big game or was it just a blah news day?)

These are just a few variables – there are many others. With email marketing, we walk a veryfine line. Too much frequency fatigues your database and damages relationships. Too little frequency punches holes in our overall database marketing approach.

Our Methodology for Long Term Email Marketing

… is one email per month. And your creative had better come strong and add value every single time out the box. Otherwise, you’ll see open and clickthrough rates plummet over time – never to return. I recently debated monthly vs. weekly frequency with a fellow mortgage marketer. He has yet to articulate why he feels weekly frequency is more effective. So I’m wondering… is anyone out there in the weekly frequency camp? If so, why? What’s your creative approach?

What better place to debate the issue than the Top of Mind CRM Blog? Look forward to your comments. And now ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Rick Astley…

Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
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No Responses to “What's Your Take on Email Frequency?”
  1. Mark Madsen says:

    Ahhh! – nice rick roll

    Great article too.

  2. Mark Green says:

    Hey, I learned from the best. I think I could have a new hobby on my hands here.

  3. Phooey on the frequency of weekly emails!

    No. 1-Only a very, minuscule % of the population reads anything from beginning to end, anyway. Best not to drain the reading attention spans of your customers.

    No. 2-Just put yourself in your customer’s shoes…do you want to receive an email EVERY week from, let’s say, your Doctor, Lawyer, Insurance Agent???

    No. 3-Sending emails weekly will increase your opt out percentage and put a wrinkle in your ego.

    The last thing any sales professional needs is to feel like people are opting out of their info because they don’t appreciate them, weren’t happy with their service, think the content sucks, which is simply a function of our own insecurities, NOT likely what your clients are thinking at all. People are just simply inundated with email traffic and need to purge the constant flood of information hitting their inboxes.

    No. 4-Here is where I get myself in trouble…pushing for weekly email campaigns is sometimes simply an indicator of laziness. Weekly emails cannot take the place of direct contact via phone, the personal touch of hand-written note cards, showing up in the community as an advisor and teacher, engaging in client appreciation events…you get the picture.

    My 10cents, Mark. 🙂

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