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Why I've Committed to Mortgage Blogging

Okay, so my buddy Mark Madsen has been an avid mortgage blogger for the better part of three years.  For two of those years, I’d get a weekly phone call or email saying “Dude, you’ve gotta get on board”.  And for two years I resisted.  It just seemed like a waste of time.  But finally I relented and gave blogging a shot.  Now that I’m a year into the game, here’s why blogging has stuck with me:

1)  It keeps my mind limber

Above all, I find myself paying closer attention to everything around me, both personally and professionally.  When I set up my Google Reader and populated it with all the mortgage/real estate RSS feeds I could handle, I instantly doubled my knowledge base on our industry.  No longer was I relying on the misinformed mainstream media for my mortgage news.  Rather, I’m getting the story behind the story – my counterparts’ uninhibited take on current events.  Guys like Tom Vanderwell and Martin Andelman really cut through the BS.  Why?  Because they really don’t care what we think of their take – they’re writing for themselves first, us second – and I want my news delivered with some passion.  They don’t need to run their articles through an editor (like newspaper reporters).  They don’t have to worry about their story being cut from the day’s events (like TV reporters).  They can write for as long or as short as they feel.  They can use potty language if they want to accentuate points – try that in the New York Freaking Times!

2)  It helps with SEO

This was probably my initial motivator when I started blogging a year ago.  We created a quick down-n-dirty blog on the Wanna Network platform, and it instantly helped Top of Mind appear on the search engines for critical key phrases such as “mortgage crm”.  That was proof positive for me.  I figured, okay, well if I’m going to invest my time into blogging AND we might actually see some long term business from it… what the heck?  Chances are, this is why you might consider dipping your pinky toe into the blogging waters.  Obviously, people are using the internet to research mortgage and real estate options – it’s critical that they’re finding you.  At Mortgage Revolution, we’re going to cover advanced aspects of mortgage blogging and SEO – hope to see you there.

3)  It’s Addictive, Fun and Productive

Blogging is time consuming, especially when you’re first getting started.  The good news is that like everything else, you’ll get better and more efficient with practice and time.  If you’re like me, your mind is always wandering onto new ideas and topics of discussion.  The ability to publish my random thoughts – and the idea that others might join in a discussion – really motivates me.  I ran into Mary Schaber Eyler at a party over the weekend.  Mary just had a baby boy and is getting ready to pick her column back up on the Top of Mind Blog.  Anyhow, Mary was under the impression that people weren’t enjoying her articles because she hadn’t seen a lot of comments.  However, when I check the traffic statistics on this blog, Mary’s articles consistently show up among people’s favorites, and they are getting found in the search engines.  For us novice bloggers, if you’re not seeing a lot of comments on your articles, don’t get discouraged.  Just keep writing.  Mortgage people don’t really tend to comment – they want to get in, read, and get out as quickly as possible.

4)  Blogging Complements my Mortgage CRM Activity

Everyone reading this article is a marketer in his/her own right.  And as marketers, our ultimate goal is to attain “top of mind” awareness.  There are different levels of being “top of mind” of course.  I think I’ll write an article on that later this week (see, another blogging idea just came to me as I write this article!).  At Mortgage Revolution, my presentation will focus on creating synergy between your offline CRM (ie: meetings, phone calls, letters, etc) and online CRM (ie: social media, blogging, etc.).  That’s CRM nirvana baby.

There are other reasons to blog, but those are my top 4.  Yours might be completely different.  But make no mistake, blogging has a real ROI if you’re willing to commit.

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