?> Want Mad Speed and Efficiency in 2010? Add This Bad Boy To Your Holiday Wish List and Go Double Wide!
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Want Mad Speed and Efficiency in 2010? Add This Bad Boy To Your Holiday Wish List and Go Double Wide!

Call it epiphany by accident.  I never understood why anyone could want or need dual monitors – unless they’re in graphic design or day trading.  So when Sherwood found an extra Dell 19″ monitor laying around, he set me up like this:
Going Dual Monitors 

Going Dual Monitors

Minutes add up to hours.  Hours add up to days.  Mundane details like these take me half the time they used to:


Say I’m adding a new contact into my database.  The old way was to re-key everything.  Then I started copying and pasting.  But alas, with one monitor I’d need to maximize then minimize.  Then maximize and minimize again.  Hell, it was easier just typing the dang information.  But now, I open my database in one screen and the person’s contact information in the other.  Say I’m adding 5 new people per day and I’m saving a minute for every person I add?  There’s 5 minutes whacked right?

2)  Social Networking

As you can see above, I have my inbox in one screen and Facebook in the other.  So while I’m answering client emails and making phone calls, I’m also having a blast going back and forth with Genuine Chris who just got dissed by a prospect.  This article isn’t about Facebook.  But hopefully you can see the value in keeping an eye on what your sphere of influence is up to in real time.  By the way, congratulations to Tim Davis who just accepted a Regional Sales Manager position with Bank of America.  I just hope B of A continues to let you play online TD – you are the man.

3)  Streaming Bond Quotes and Financial News

My buddy Dan Dadoun has not two, but FOUR monitors on his desk.  He uses his set up to keep on top of shifts in the marketplace.  I’ve also seen him streaming Fox Business Channel and occasionally Sesame Street.  Dude’s a big Elmo fan.  Who isn’t?

4)  Blogging

Hey Mark Madsen, are you reading this?  Believe it or not, Madsen has built several killer mortgage blogs using an ordinary laptop.  I can’t wait to see what he can accomplish once he’s increased his working palate to 38″.

Here’s the best part though.  Check out what kind of a deal you can get on 19″ flat screen monitors today!    What a no-brainer.  By the way, you’re going to need a video card that allows you to plug two monitors into your computer.  But once you do go double wide you’ll never go back!

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Mark is President of Top of Mind Networks, specializing in turn-key CRM solutions for mortgage professionals.


No Responses to “Want Mad Speed and Efficiency in 2010? Add This Bad Boy To Your Holiday Wish List and Go Double Wide!”
  1. Mark,

    Thank you for the reminder of how technology is suppose to FREE UP TIME.

    There is one thing you didn’t mention that is equally important to those of us reading the blog and that is client first impressions.

    For those that do not have a similar set up or an extra large monitor, try setting that up and watch the reaction of your clients as they sit down at your desk.

    This is a great ice/tension breaker as you can spend 2 minutes talking about why you have a double monitor or a 26\" flat panel on your desk.

    I spent $350 for a 26\" flat panel and that is the first thing EVERY client mentions when we sit down is, \"that is a great monitor, must have cost a ton.\"

    I explain it didn\’t, where I purchased it, and why is it so important that my clients see what we are doing clearly.

    In two minutes they are relaxed, engaged and ready for business.

    Mark, thanks for suggesting that I now need a 2nd 26\" screen.



  2. Doug Adamczyk says:

    Mark – it is about time! How did you survive so long with one? I have been using 2 for about 6 years now. Cannot live without it. I am considering going to 3 for work or turning one of them into a 26″ like Derek has. (The flight sim box that I am plotting to build will have 5!)

    The ability to drag and drop windows across screens is a huge time saver for working on reports, articles, and especially having your borrower on one screen in the CRM and their loan details (LOS) on the other screen.


  3. Mark,

    Congrats and welcome to the efficiency club.

    I recently (finally) found a box that let me ditch my second keyboard and mouse that I was using for my two computer, 3 screen set up with an extra cable fed panel mounted on the wall for the financial news. In moments of extreme multi-tasking and maximum efficiency, I do find myself wanting 6 screens. Whether it’s populating our origination system and my own spreadsheets at the same time, pasting back and forth, building PowerPoints or videos with source files for data, photos, etc., all open, while always keeping an eye on the MBS market and communication sources, to mention nothing of always having something to do while waiting for the pesky downloads to finish, there is just no other way to go.

    There is one downside though and that’s grabbing the laptop to go mobile. Opening that up and trying to work while I’m away makes me feel like the big kid that I am hopping onto a toddler’s tricycle and trying to pedal…

    Hey, there’s an idea for the laptop manufacturers, a tri-fold screen. You open the top and then two other ultra thin screens fold out from the main. Won’t the guy sitting next to me in coach just love that one?

  4. Chris Brown says:

    I have been using dual-monitors for over a year now – and It is a GAME CHANGER. Would love to go 4-wide… though as easily distracted as I get, that mey be more a problem than a solution as I think about it! =0)

    C the I

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