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Does Easy Web Content Syndication Help or Hurt Web 2.0?

Remember when email was the killer app? Sure, it’s still all that, but Generation Y is all a-twitter with a wave of new communication technologies. Faster. More interactive.

Posterous Illustration

Posterous Illustration

Blogging’s all the rage today – well at least it is for me. It’s still a pure form of expression. But I’m not sure how I feel about web apps like Posterous yet. Posterous (and there are a bunch of others) syndicates our content in multiple places simultaneously. So if I wanted to, I could write this article one time and syndicate it all over the web with the click of a button (Twitter, Facebook, other blogs, etc). Sounds like a good thing right?

Well doesn’t that remind you of spam email? In the old days, if we wanted to “syndicate” an email message to multiple people, there really wasn’t a clean and easy way to accomplish that. Today, you can find an email service provider on every street corner to blast a campaign out the door.

My buddy Chris Brown made this argument for me the other day when he unintentionally posted a photo of his family at lunch to the entire Mortgage Revolution Fan Base, in addition to every other spoke in his web presence. Think of it this way: why are the New York Times and Wall Street Journal considered to be elite publications?The simple answer is that their content is expressly written for their loyal readership. They employ their own journalists and therefore provide a unique mix of content you cannot find elsewhere. On the other hand, lesser respected publications fill their pages with less unique content and more syndicated content (ie: AP, Reuters, etc.).

I want my internet to stay unique – perhaps that’s the traditionalist in me.

But regardless of what I want, simple syndication is here to stay. We’re dealing with issues of clutter with email today (spam filters) and it will be very interesting to see how we deal with the issue of content clutter online (Google?). Does anyone see it differently, I’d love to hear your take in the comments if you do.

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  1. David Orsini says:

    I think it is somewhat ironic you pose this question on our blog, and directly below your post is our SocioFluid plugin where people can easily syndicate this post all over the web 🙂

    Personally, I don’t liken Posterous to SPAM. Email was, and still is our primary form of internet based communication, although it is losing ground. But back when email was all the rage, if you received an email you liked or thought was valuable you could just forward it to your friends/contacts and be done with it. But now that (at least for some people) email may or may not be how they prefer to communicate, simply forwarding the message on doesnt accomplish what it used to. Now we have clients/friends/contacts all using the web differently and there is no one good place to post content where you know everyone will see it. I think there is a big argument to be made that the web 2.0 world is becoming cluttered. But sites and services like Posterous simply help get the word out when there is an ever growing number of places where the word needs to be spread.

    That is my $.02

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