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Mortgage Revolution Video Overview

We’re officially 60 days out from Mortgage Revolution and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the event.  Here’s a quick video I recorded if you’d like to learn more about who’s going to be there and what we’ll be sharing in Atlanta from Jan 10th thru 12th.  I hope to see you there!

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Mark is President of Top of Mind Networks, specializing in turn-key CRM solutions for mortgage professionals.


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  1. Mark – You are right…Mortgage Revolution is going to ROCK! Great overview and as you are well aware, ust the tip of the iceburg of what attendees will experience in Atlanta on January 10-12. Just as you stated, this will be a five star event on two star budget. We are so incredibly fortunate to have many of the industries best and brightest volunteering both their services and are paying there own way to the event. Mark, that is sonething unheard of!!!

  2. Jason Klaskin says:

    Great Video Mark. Gotta love the Griswolds!! Looking forward THE Revolution!

  3. Darren says:

    Impressive Mark, it sounds like the content at this event will spark the Mortgage Industry, but also benefit many other sectors too.

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