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10 Voicemail Strategies that Get Sales Calls Returned

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What do 90% of your daily sales calls turn into? Voicemails.

However, if I were to peek into your sales training routine I am guessing I would see a lot of weight being placed on perfecting conversations with customers face-to-face or on the phone. If you want to have more of those good conversations you need to put a lot more effort into getting your voicemails listened to and calls returned.

Here are 10 voicemail tips that work:

1. Remember the objective is to get a call-back. So, don’t tell them you will call back. That will give them a reason to ignore your message.

2. Don’t leave a web address (URL). This gives them another reason to research without you and never call back.

3. Leave a strong call-to-action. This needs to be something that makes them curious. Something that convinces them you have a better debt strategy than what they are trying now.

4. Clearly and slowly repeat your phone number twice. This is a huge factor in converting these voicemails into call-backs.

5. Make it short. The longer it is the more likely they are to hit delete before they get to your call-back number.

6. After you clearly repeat you number twice leave a quick “P.S.” statement. It should be interesting and make them want to take immediate action.

7. Leave voicemails first thing in the morning and right after work. This shows people you really want to talk to them and doesn’t interrupt important things like work and dinner. This approach will seem more considerate.

8. Disclose clearly who you are and what you can do for them. Don’t be cryptic or mysterious about your services.

9. Have a positive and enthusiastic tone. Your voice should say, “I really want to talk to you because I can help.”

10. Use their first name throughout the message. People love to hear their name and it makes your call less intimidating and less like the collection calls they have been getting.

I guarantee these simple tips with get more of your voicemails returned. Do you have other surefire voicemail tips? Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Mark Green says:

    Hi Troy, I typically leave my email address as well as my call back number. Some people prefer to communicate via email and this gives them another option. It also shows that you’re a real human being working for a legitimate company and you’re not just running down a phone script. Great article.

  2. Andrew says:

    Great tips. Gotta be positive and use their name to personalize it if you want a call back. Also, stating the phone number twice. If they don\’t get your number, it don\’t make a difference how wonderful your call is. People always leave me messages where they mumble the phone number and speak it way to fast.

  3. Troy Wilson says:

    Mark, I like the email idea. I will have to try that and see what it gets me on my next round of voicemails.

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