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5 Quick Tips to Getting Your Blog to Produce

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Blogs are great things. They make publishing our thoughts and services nearly free. Google loves them and all their fresh content.

But, there are millions of them. How do you make yours draw attention and produce results?

1. Have a Plan – This is the achilles heel of most bloggers. They have an idea or two that stirs there passion to publish. Unfortunately, that is often the conclusion of the plan. Without a clear objective and path to lead you there your blog is likely to be a ghost in six months.

2. Start an Editorial Calendar – A big part of that plan should be an editorial plan. Know and program out what you want to publish. This can be posts, podcasts, video, ebooks, or other creative content. Regardless of the format there needs to be a calendar, some deadlines, and the consistency that your audience will expect.

3. Repackage Content as Valuable Giveaways – Don’t forget that people are busy. They don’t have time to dig through your archives to find the masterpieces. It is your job to help them be efficient in finding your valuable content. I suggest routinely repackaging that content into rewrites, updates, or even better eBooks. This makes it easier to find, consume, and distribute.

4. Syndicate Widely – Use an RSS service like Feedburner to increase your syndication. Also, don’t forget to use other social networking venues like Twitter and Friendfeed to get the word out. There are services like TwitterFeed that can automate this syndication.

5. Don’t Forget to Ask Them to Come Back – Finally, never miss the opportunity to ask them to come back. That means closing every post with an invitation to sign-up for your RSS feed, email updates, or simple to call you.

Now take a quick peek at your blog. Is it clear what you want your readers to do and are you inviting them to be loyal followers? Probably not. So, go tune things up.

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